Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Insurance

Not many people know about wedding insurance. It is fairly new to the market and has caught the attention of both industry professionals and couples. Everyone hopes everything will be flawless the day of but some circumstances, like the recent December blizzard, may entice couple’s to purchase wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance guards the couple’s investment from circumstances beyond their control and reimburses expenses incurred, if applicable.

Depending on the type and amount of coverage, costs can range between $150 - $500

Basic Coverage with Wedding Insurance
Any problems with:
-The venue
-The weather, may it be a down pour of rain or a blizzard
-Key people (bride, groom, parents)
-A sickness or injury

Change of heart is not covered under any wedding insurance plan.

Before you purchase any insurance, talk to your vendors, coordinator, and insurance provider to get all the information regarding your event. Each wedding and scenario is different; you may not need any insurance.

Some providers include:

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Adam Leyton said...

This post is a great introduction to wedding insurance!

Yes, we all hope our big day will run completely smoothly but unfortunately things to do wrong sometimes and wedding insurance is a great way of providing financial peace of mind.

I have actually come across one insurer in the US who does actually provide cover for "cold feet" or change of heart but I forget who they're called now.