Thursday, December 9, 2010

Common Invitation Wording Mistakes

We were asked today by a bride about putting zip codes on her inserts. The answer is no.. you never put zip codes on the inserts or cell number or email addresses. Remember to be formal with your invitations...

Here are some pointers:

1. Proper way to write the date:

on Saturday, the first of December
Two thousand and eleven

2. Make sure that the year is on a separate line from the month

3. Time and date have to be spelled out:
at Four 0'clock in the afternoon

4. Zip codes do not belong on the inserts or the actual invitations. The only place to use them are on the envelope and the R. S. V.P return addresses

5. Do not use a.m or p.m. It should be spelled out:
... in the morning or in the evening
so, at Half past three in the afternoon

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