Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Questions and Tips for Transportation Companies

You should be sure that whichever transportation company that you choose for your wedding is the best of the best. To help you to determine which company to choose here are a few tips and questions to consider while deciding.

1.             Don’t rely on price quotes over the phone. Written proof is always better.
2.             Does the wedding venue provide their own vehicles, or is another company providing the vehicles?
3.             What is the year of the Vehicle you will be using, and are they properly licensed and insured?
4.             Are the Vehicles equipped with GPS Navigation System?
5.              Are tax and gratuity included in the quoted price?
6.             Make sure the contract includes all of the necessary information. Also, make sure that the company does not require a large
 deposit. Once the company has your money, there is not much you can do the day of your wedding if they
 do not show.

Most transport companies are reliable, professional. However, the only way to know you won’t be tricked is to ask the right questions, get the answers in writing and do your research ahead of time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SJS Memorial Day Weddings Weekend

This past weekend while everyone was enjoying the holiday weekend and gorgeous weather we were super busy with four weddings!

It all started Friday at the Hyatt Jersey City for Jayasree and Akash's Sangeet followed by an amazing wedding day on Saturday.

Saturday we also celebrated the wedding of Amrita and Sam at The Pierre and Ami and Amit at The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park.

The weekend came to an end on Sunday with the wedding of Pranali and Nikhil.

We want to thank all of our amazing vendors without whom we would not have survived this crazy weekend. Working with the best in the business makes a huge difference. 

Congratulations to all our happy married couples!

Friday, May 23, 2014


RSVPs are an important aspect of your wedding.  From seating charts to catering, numbers are more important than you think.  With traditional RSVP cards, you don’t always get all the information you need.  This can be solved with RSVPify: a great free website that takes care of collecting all your RSVPs into a convenient online format.  You can send the RSVPs electronically or put them on your paper invitations, and RSVPify lets you completely customize the information you collect from your guests and organizes it for you in an easy to access format, even letting you create a drag-and-drop seating chart from the responses. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding Websites

Wedding websites are a great way for couples to keep everything about their wedding in one easy place for them and their guests to stay up to date and organized.  With many different features from corresponding apps, adding your registry, and access to local vendors and reviews, these websites can be a great tool for brides and grooms to stay on track while planning their big day. 

Here are some of our favorite websites so you can get started!

            MyWedding is a great all-in-one website for couples to keep everything in one place.  You can create your website, manage your budget and checklist, find vendors, and create and add your registry

            WeddingWire is a great full service website that has three corresponding apps for finding vendors, getting style inspiration and for guests to stay up-to-date on information and share day-of photos. 

          appycouple is an impressive one-and-done website and app.  You design your site once and then all aspects of your wedding are available to your guests in the form of the app, RSVPs, travel plans, photo sharing, registry access and countdowns to the big day.  This by far is the most inclusive interface, and is incredibly easy for both the bride and groom and guests to use. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bathroom Amenity Kits

Having an amenity basket in the restroom is a great way to be sure your big day won’t be ruined by any mishaps encountered by your guests. This way if there is a small emergency you’ll be ready to solve their problem. 

Expert tips and tricks:
  • Before purchasing you emergency kit, check the space available in your bathrooms at your venue.
  • Add a cute touch by personalizing the door of the bathroom with photos of the Bride and Groom.
  • Do not forget the little note on the basket that says the amenity is for your guests to use.

Here are some suggested items to include in your bathroom amenity kit:

- Eyedrops
- Bandaids in assorted sizes
- Lip Balm
- Tissues

- Dental Floss or Floss Picks
- Breath Mint

Beauty Products
- Nail File
- Clear Nailpolish
- Nail Clipper
- Lipstick
- Eye liner
- Mascara

Feminine Products and Hygiene
- Deodorant Spray
- Tampons
- Hand Sanitizer

- Hair Spray
- Hair Bands/Elastics
- Bobby Pins
- Comb

- Hand Lotion
- Small Sewing Kit with Small Scissors
- Safety Pins
- Tide-to-Go Pens
- Lint Roller

Friday, May 16, 2014

Panditji Questions

When planning an Indian wedding, the pandit or priest, is one of the most important vendors to book. You may choose a family pandit or a local one that is well known in the community. There are certain questions you need to ask when interviewing and deciding on a pandit to make sure that everyone is on the same page for your wedding.

1. Will we have to provide your travel and accommodations or will you take care of that on your own?

2. Will your have anyone with you (i.e. an assistant)?

3. Does you have a set program that you follow and what is the order of the events?

4. How long is the ceremony? Can he do a shorter ceremony?

5. Do you have to provide the items needed to perform the ceremony or will he bring this?

6. Can we recite our own vows?

7. Does he have a contract- most don’t but it is important to have an agreement in writing to refer to if any questions arise.

8. Do you have to provide travel and accommodations or will he take care of that on his own?

9. Does he need meals provided to him?

10. Can he perform your pre-wedding pujas?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dressing Your Dog to be a Part of Your Wedding

Since most of our four legged friends are so important to us that they may as well be family, then of course you want them to be there with you on your big day! No matter big or small, boy or girl, there’s a great way to dress up your pooch for any kind of wedding.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Real Weddings: Bhumika and Nikhil

Another weekend another wedding for the SJS Events team. This time we were in sunny Miami at The Trump Beach Resort in Sunny Isles. 

Events started on Friday night with a fun pink and orange Mehndi event on the lower pool deck of the hotel. Guests enjoyed getting their mehndi done and surprises such a fire works and fire dancers. 

Saturday morning started with a super energetic baraat that closed down Collins Avenue (literally!). The groom arrived in a super stylish orange Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo and was escorted by police officers down collins avenue toward the Trump Resort. 

The baraat was followed by a gorgeous ceremony with the perfect beach backdrop. 

Cocktail hour started later in the evening where guests first picked up their super cute place cards which were actually pill bottles (both the bride and groom are doctors). Each pill bottle contained a USB which guests took to the photo booth and used to save all their fun pictures!

Everything came to an end with a lovely dinner reception which featured stunning centerpieces in white, gold, peach and hints of blue. 

We want to thank all the vendors that made this weekend possible: The Trump Resort for the hospitality, DJ Hemant for keeping the party going all weekend, Tabla for the delicious food, Suhaag Garden for the stunning decor and House of the Talent for all the photos and video we can't wait to see.

Congrats to Bhumika and Nikhil!!

Silver Cakes and Gold Cakes

We are obsessed with metallic cakes. Whatever look you are going for they help bring an extra dose of elegance and glamour to the overall look of your event.

Whether you do the entire cake in a metallic look or just a few details this will help give that extra pop to your decor. Here are some of our favorites: