Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New York City's Fund for Public Schools

So, for a long time, I have been looking to donate 2% of our income to a local charity. I have been searching and searching and finally found something that I really believe in...New York City's Fund for Public Schools.

From establishing new academically selective schools to investing in training for school leaders, The Fund for Public Schools attracts private investment in school reform and creates school-based partnerships that strengthen the city’s public schools and make a real difference in the lives of students.

These public-private partnerships have generated unprecedented support for New York City’s public schools. Since 2003, the Fund has raised more than $180 million to support system-wide reform initiatives This support has catalyzed student learning and provided resources for system-wide reforms, significantly improving the educational experience for students, teachers, parents, and school leaders.

So, for every bride we sign up, we will be giving a 2% donation to the Fund. I really feel good about this because eventually, I know I want my kids (whenever I have them) to go to a public school in NYC!

They are also taking books if you have books to be able to donate to the schools.

Want to Donate Books?
Do you have books to donate? Children for Children, a non-profit organization which engages young people through service-learning and volunteer programs, is seeking new or gently-used children's books for students in need across your city. Donors can mail in their books, or drop them off at Children for Children's midtown office. For more information, call (212) 850-4170,

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lower Room Rates

I woke up this morning and got the shock of my life!

We have been trying and trying and trying to get one of our brides a great deal on her hotel and FINALLY, I got this email:

Dear Sonal,

I hope this e-mail finds you both doing well. I wasn’t sure if you’d already signed a contract elsewhere, but I am super excited to say that Maggie and I worked our magic on your behalf and were able to ultimately secure the $79.00 rate that was requested…it just took a little gentle persuasion ;-).

I love it. This bride went from a $95 rate to $79! I am so happy for the bride and so thankful for to the hotel! It is such a good feeling to help brides save money! God know how hard we all work. What great news! Total savings $16 x 100room nights x 2 nights (Fri & Sat)= $3200!!! Love it!


If you are a girl, you know what OPI is. It is one of the biggest brands of nail posh makers. I am soooo elated to read about their new collection called FAIRYTALE BRIDE.

The colors are so pretty and of course, I love the funny and cute names of their polishes:

I Pink I Love You
Otherwise Engaged
Isn't It Romantic
At First Sight

The colors are very light and delicate fitting for a bride's perfectly manicured nails.

You can call 800-341-999 or go to www.opi.com to buy your favorite color. Also, you can buy this at a professional salon or ULTA.

I am a manicure freak and my husband tells me all the time to do my own nails.. but, why work so hard if you can't treat yourself! Nails are so important=)

Embassy Suites Hotels

On a recent business trip I stayed at an Embassy Suites Hotel. I was so pleasantly surprised at how much they offer COMPLIMENTARY! In this economy anything complimentary is so welcomed. Listen to all that they give their guests:

Complimentary cooked- to- order breakfast

Two Room suites with a separate living room (with sofa sleeper) and a separate bedroom.

Evening Manager's Reception so you can relax at the end of the evening.

Free Upgrade if avail to a larger suite

I was so impressed! What a great treat for wedding guests who are staying at a hotel. Normally, guests or hosts have to pay for everything at hotels: internet, breakfast, drinks, but here, it is all a comp.

I definitely recommend looking at this hotel brand for a host hotel for wedding guests.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great Favors with a Cause

Amee and Jason gave out beautiful welcome bags for their guests arriving into Jamaica. I was really touched by the fact that they were made in India by the autistic and mentally challenged. It is a great organization called SHRADDHA CHARITABLE TRUST http://www.shraddhamumbai.org/

On their website it says: At Shraddha,we provide vocational focus towards building a future for Austistic and Mentally Challenged young adults. By buying these products, you are empowering them to lead a purposeful life.

It is really so touching when you go to the website. What a great favor to give while helping someone at the same time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just finished Amee & Jason's Wedding In Jamacia

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I am still here in Jamaica just looking back at the photos I took from Amee & Jason's wedding this weekend. I love the sun (having lived in Arizona for almost 9 years) and it is so hot this morning (maybe about 90 degrees).

Surprisingly, we are not that tired after a long and exhausting week here with over- seeing breakfasts,set ups and guest/ vendor arrivals into Jamaica. I actually am so happy for Jason and Amee. Amee had a smile plastered across her cute face the entire day yesterday (wedding day). She seemed so relaxed! She really looked so beautiful. All the vendors did an amazing job and the food that Chef Ravi made, the guests were raving about.

Enjoy the photos of our staff Jessica and Shital (Thank you, ladies),the cute kids that were at the wedding and the Jamaican scenery. I am headed home tomorrow and can't wait to see my Pooks!

Forgot to mention some fun aspects of the wedding: Fresh coconut drinks for guests upon arrival to the wedding, postcards instead of the traditional placecards, long tables with palm leaves attached, fans for wedding programs, and baraat with local Jamaican drum player.

Thanks Amee and Jason for letting us be a part of your special day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lily O'Brien's

I was passing by The Bryant Park Hotel yesterday to meet a client and I saw this lovely pastry shop with a ton of nice chocolate favors. It is in Bryant Park an called Lily O'Brien's. They have been doing mouth-watering chocolates for over 15 years. I just picked up their info and was happy to read how they do wedding favors.

Stop by and try the hot chocolate... 36 W. 40th Street (Bryant Park)


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Custom Maps!

Every bride pays attention to the details of her invitation.
But, I have to mention that sometimes, I receive the worst maps and directions to events. I am wondering why it looks likes a 10 year old made the map.

I have been looking for solutions to this and finally found a really reasonable alternative... you have to check out their website.. the maps are soooo nice.


Bridesmaids Tanktops

You know I love to write about giving things to the bridal party. I also love all things sparkle!

I found this great tank top that one of my bride's is giving to her bridesmaids. I LOVE THE FLOWER BROOCH!! It was so adorable that I had to write about it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can you get a reservation?

I read a recent article on a hot new New York's East Village Restaurant, Momofuku Ko.
It is on First Ave bet 10th and 11th. Can you believe they only have 12 seats in the entire place? So cool.

Dinner takes around two hours and is made up of 10 to 12 courses in a fixed menu. Meal costs around $100 but of course, it is impossible to get a seat. I have been trying for weeks!

My New Favorite Flower

I found this great article on orchids. We use them all the time for our weddings but you learn something new everyday:

* Orchids are prized for their rarity, perfume, and delicate, exotic beauty
* There are more than 60,0000 species of orchids
* There are over 100,000 hybrids of orchids
* No two orchids look alike
* Most expensive orchid: Black Ruby Phalaenopsis

No wonder Orchids are so pretty!