Monday, October 31, 2011

Cost Effective Flowers For Your Wedding

A big worry when it comes to weddings is cost. Whether you are spending your money on the basics, or decided to go all out, it’s always nice to realize there are a few places you can be cost effective.

One place you can be budget friendly is with your flowers. Brides are able to discover a ton of spots where they can obtain those low-priced flowers. You can check out the Markets for roses and carnations, along with other bouquets. There’s

always the Farmers Market and any other type of Farm. And then there’s the ever-reliable internet- where you can get a happy price reducing floral provider. What about your own personal garden? You can plant the seeds you want and end up with a beautiful homemade touch at the wedding!

Whatever you choose, make sure to take into account the styles, the season, and most importantly, yourself!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Body by Hannah

Let's face it, on your big day you will be the center of attention. Everyone will be wondering what you are going to wear and how you will look. This can put a lot off stress on even the most confident bride. Enter personal trainer Hannah, she is a certified trainer based in NYC that can help you loose those extra 15lbs before the big day or just help you tone your arms so you can look amazing in your strapless gown. Whatever you are looking for Hannah will customize a special package and workout for your needs.

She is certified to train in home and is insured to do so. Her background in nutrition also adds a strong component to creating a more complete training program. She has been a contributor to Women’s Health Magazine,, and also many other fitness and beauty blogs like

Make sure to check out her website Body By Hannah.

A common phrase heard in any business is “location, location, location”, and when it comes to event planning, it’s a very important detail. Finding and booking an amazing venue is one of the most crucial parts of any event because it jump-starts everything else.

Espace, located on 42nd Street, is the perfect location for someone looking to create a stylish affair. With their custom chairs, to their imported Briton carpet, modern meets elegant in this space.

You can contact Espace for further information, and they will help you with all of the attention to detail to ensure your event to be one of a kind!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Announcing the Launch of our App

We are proud to announce to launch of our application To Be Wed. Put your worries aside and let this application take care of the rest. Sonal J. Shah has created this unique application that can help guide you through all of the right tasks that need to be completed to make your wedding planning stress free and organized. From its ability to automatically generate due dates for tasks to its innovative technology that allows you share these tasks with friends and family, this application is sure to come in handy while planning for your special day.

Welcome to the Party

The hard part is over, you are officially husband and wife and now its time to celebrate. But before you get down on the dancefloor you need to make your grand entrance as Mr. and Mrs. Here are some of the most popular grand entrance songs of the moment:

1. "We Found Love" by Rihanna
2. "Party Rock" by LMFAO
3. "Beautiful People" by Chris Brown
4. "Night of your Life" by David Guetta and Jennifer Hudson
5. "Stereo Love" by Edward Maya
6. "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz
7. "With Out You" by David Guetta and Usher

Which ever song you choose make sure it reflects your personality as a couple and have fun with it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Choosing the Right DJ

The entertainment can make or break your reception. Long after the food, flowers and location of your reception have been forgotten, your family and friends will always remember if they had a good time! But how do you know which DJ to choose?

One of the first things you should do when searching for a DJ is to get references from get references from other brides who they have worked with. Once you have your recommendations, it is time to begin the interview process. You should interview 2 to 3 DJs for your big day. If you like their style and decide to pursue the interview further, here are some of the many important questions you should ask your potential DJ:

1) How many years of experience do you have?
2) Are you familiar with our venue?
3) Are you going to be the DJ we get if we hire you, or will it be one of your partners?
4) How many people will you bring to the event?
5) Will you cover your own parking (if in NYC or City with parking issues)?
6) What kind of power requirements do you have?
7) How many weddings do you do in a weekend?

A DJ's talent should be more than just getting the crowd pumped up or making announcements at the right time. They should know everything that is going on during your wedding, and be available to you when you call or email them. Therefore, it is important to follow these tips when hiring your wedding DJ.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pamela and Subir Thank You

Sonal and Ruth,

Subir and I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for all your help over the past few months and most especially the last two days. You and your team were meticulous, so well planned and had everything thought through. I honestly don't know how it would have all come together without you. Our stress levels were definitely kept at bay because I completely trusted that you guys were on top of each and every detail so we have to really thank you for that.

We had so many people come up to us and comment on your team and what a great job you did. And you were definitely a walking advertisement because I had a few engaged friends and almost engaged friends come and ask details=)

Thanks so much!
Pam & Subir

Pamela and Subir's Wedding

As the year is coming to an end we had one of our last weddings of the season this weekend. Pamela and Subir invited their friends and family to a gorgeous ceremony at St. John The Baptist Church in New Jersey followed by a stunning reception at The Westin Jersey City.

The bride looked gorgeous in her Pronovias gown.

The couple had a big bridal party made up of 8 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen.

After the emotional ceremony all the guests enjoyed a great night of dancing and amazing food from Bukhara Grill. The ballroom glimmered with many candles and gorgeous centerpieces in shades of purple and green put together by the amazing team over at Elegant Affairs.

One of our favorite parts of this event is that in lieu of favors the couple decided to make a donation in their guests name to the Shanti Bhavan Children's Project.

The guests danced the night away with amazing music courtesy of DJ Juicy and didn't end the party until early in the morning hours.

We wish nothing but the best to the happy couple!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Fine Print

One of the biggest hassles when planning a wedding are all the contracts you will have to sign, but at the same time this is the most important process to ensure that your wedding is a success. When getting ready to commit to a vendor, it is very important to read everything very carefully. From payment terms, to deadlines, to what exactly they are including in your package, you want to make sure everything is included and noted. When going through payment terms here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. How much of a deposit is required? Some vendors will say they don't require a deposit, but we suggest you always give one, even if its just $100. This makes the contract legally binding
2. When are payments due? You want to make sure you always pay on time. This helps to keep a good relationship with the vendor and if you ever need to add a little something to the contract they are more willing to do so.
3. When is your final payment due? We always suggest our brides to try and make their final payments before the big day. The last thing you want is your vendors hunting you down on the dance floor for final payments.
4. Please bear in mind that the person that signs the contract is the personal that i legally bound to all the terms. We suggest that both bride and groom sign all contract together.

Contracts are legally binding, just like any other contract your wedding contracts need to be thoroughly read and understood, it is also helpful to have more that one person read them to make sure that nothing has been left out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Customized Aisle Runners

Whether decorating your ceremony or having a grand entrance into any event using an aisle runner add to the occasion. Its presence makes any event appear more formal and lively.

The Original Runner Co. offers brides a plethora of options from personalized runners to runners with patterns and glitter. You are sure to be pleased and amazed! The runners are customized to meet the bride’s needs and are made from a cotton/polyester blend fabric. When purchasing a runner from Original Runner CO. you will not have to worry about slipping while walking down the aisle. THEIR exclusive, non-slip foam backing WILL help TO keep the runner flat and smooth throughout the entire ceremony.

The Original Runner Co. has designed runners for numerous celebrities including the weddings of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Fergie and Josh Duhamel, and many others.

Be sure to check out their website at for more information on how to get a customized aisle runner for your dream event. I know I was amazed!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Award Wallet

Are you always loosing track of how many miles you have or how many reward points you have left at your favorite hotels? Make sure to check out

AwardWallet is a free service that helps you manage your reward balances and travel itineraries. With 414 programs in their system this is one easy way to keep track of all your accounts including- air, hotel, car rental, credit card and others.

If you are like us you have mileage with different airlines and a lot of these miles go unused because half of the time we don't even know we have them! When it comes time to planning your honeymoon these miles will come in handy when booking your flights! The same goes with Reward Points from hotels. Most hotel venues will give their bride and groom a certain amount of reward points for booking their wedding with them. With these points you can book your honeymoon hotel any where in the world!

Award Wallet also helps you keep track on when miles expire or when you need to renew your accounts all in one place, and it will send you email reminders so you don't forget. In today's world when we have so many different accounts and passwords its great to be able to keep track of everything in one place!

Thank You from Nimali and Mayoor

Greetings from Bora Bora!

Just wanted to thank you for all that you did to make our wedding so special and amazing! It was such a beautiful day.... Absolutely perfect and we owe it all to Sonal and her amazing team! We keep getting calls from our guests about how elegant and beautiful everything was! You guys are the best!! I've already spread the word... If you want a flawless and amazing wedding then Sonal and her team are the perfect choice!!!

Thank you again for making such an important day in our lives so memorable and beautiful!

Nimali & Mayoor

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taj Book Release at the Pierre Hotel

Taj Hotels hosted a star-studded book party at New York City’s Pierre Hotel on Monday, Oct. 17, for “The Taj At Apollo Bunder,” a book that details the 108-year history of Mumbai flagship, The Taj Mahal Palace. Celebrity guests included Michael Douglas, Adrien Brody, Tory Burch, Salman Rushdie, Paul Theroux, Fareed Zakaria, Suhel Seth and Anand Giridharadas. Each of these special guests took part in reading an expert from the book during the ceremony.

Upon entering the rotunda, guests were blown away by the elaborate decorations provided by Atlas Floral and help from Sonal J Shah Event Consultants. Escort cards fell from the branches of a 10ft tree placed in the middle of the room, which was adorned in all types of red, orange, and pink flowers. The sweet smell that filled the air was a precursor of the night to come. As guests made their way up the grand staircase that was lined with orange and red candles, they were greeted by photographers from Patrick McMullan* The cocktail area and reception room were equally as extravagant as the rotunda. From the Ganesh that was garnished in purple, orange, and pink flowers to the purple and gold tones that filled the reception room, the night was striking. To top it off, guests were invited to continue the magical evening with a dance party in the rotunda.

The event was extremely exquisite and as one guest put it, “one for the books.”


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wedding Insurance

The decision to purchase Wedding Insurance can often be a difficult one for many couples – a financial decision that is an additional cost for your wedding budget, but will protect you from unforeseen disasters and mishaps. Given that the average cost of a wedding tends to be around the same price as a new car and is continuing to rise, wedding insurance is becoming more of a necessity. After all, you wouldn’t buy a new car that cost that much without insuring it against damage.

K&K Insurance offers a short term insurance plan for special events that protect you from, personal or advertised injury, medical expenses, damage to the premise rented to you, and the liability incurred by a contractor. Each year they insure over 250,000 events and organizations. K&K Insurance offers competitive pricing and a great success rate with 200,000 successful claims resolved over the past decade. With over 50 years of experience, K&K Insurance has been recognized as one of the leading insurance providers.

Don’t be left with a hefty bill for a disaster rather than a special day. Consider wedding insurance and check out K&K Insurance’s plan for special events.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo Booth Fun

Photo booths are a fabulous way to entertain guests and capture priceless memories at your wedding reception. You'll get great pictures that will give you a cool behind-the-scenes look at your own wedding. Photo booths are available for rent, and allow the guests to print out their pictures instantly and take them home. Here are a few photo-booth rental companies for you to explore…..

Video Guestbook by Ish Events (888-340-9190)
This photo-video booth puts a literally meaning to the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This unique photo and video booth allows guest to record a two-minute video message in addition to the usual stills leaving you and your guests entertained. ($799 for 4 hours, including unlimited 4x6 prints)

The Modern Photo-booth (917-386-8747)
Trying to fit all of your friends into a small four-person photo-booth can be rather difficult (if not impossible.) Thus, Kevin Norris has created a solution- a photo-booth that fits 25 people! Packages include unlimited prints, high-res CD, an online gallery, and a guestbook. (from $1,000)

The Majestic Photobooth Co. (800-940-1050)
This classic photo booth is sure to bring out smiles. With its traditional appearance and plush bench seating, guests are given a photo strip as a memorabilia of the night’s festivities. (from $1,195)

NYC Photobooth (800-531-3727)
With four different photo-booth styles to choose from, guests are sure to be pleased. These vintage style photo-booths deliver six images per sheet, which can be customized with the bride and groom’s name’s and wedding date. (from $1,450)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Benefits of Paying with a Credit Card vs. Checks

We all know weddings are about celebrating the love between you are your fiancé, but let’s face it—figuring out how to pay for all of it, is an extremely important part of planning a wedding. When it comes to deciding what form of payment to use for the wedding services, it is valuable to weight out the pro’s and con’s of each type. Traditionally, many couples prefer to pay for their wedding services with checks; nevertheless, using a credit card can present numerous benefits…..

1) The convenience and hassle free nature of using a credit card can be very calming amidst an extremely stressful time. Companies can automatically charge your card when payments are due, leaving you worry free and ensuring that all your payments are made on time.

2) When you pay by credit as opposed to check or cash, you are getting a guarantee on your goods and services not only from the vendor but from the credit company as well.

3) Credit cards create a paper trail allowing you to keep better control over your spending.

4) The biggest perk that comes from using a credit card is the potential rewards that certain credit cards offer. If you have a rewards card, you may be able to accumulate enough points to pay for a portion of your honeymoon, be eligible for hotel and airfare upgrades, and many more benefits.

Even though you may be paying with a check, it is important to consider the possible benefits of using a credit card.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nimali and Mayoor

This past weekend was gorgeous in NYC! The weather was perfect for an outside wedding. And that's exactly what our clients Nimali and Mayoor had. The pier at The Hyatt in Jersey City was the perfect location for their afternoon wedding. With blue skies and breathtaking views of NYC guest enjoyed the beautiful ceremony.

After the ceremony guests got to continue enjoying the gorgeous weather and view with cocktail hour in the outside terrace of the Hyatt with delicious food provided by Moghul Caterers.

As the sky turned dark and the lights of NYC started dazzling guests headed to the Manhattan Ballroom at the Hyatt for an evening of dancing to celebrate the couple. The ballroom looked amazing with decor by our friends at Elegant Affairs. And the floor to ceiling windows provided a stunning view of the NYC skyline.

Nimali and Mayoor are one of the nicest couples we have ever worked with and we want to wish them nothing but the best.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Art of A Thank You

Your wedding has come and gone and you are now left with thousands of memories and many people to thank. From friends and coworkers to relatives many people were integral to making you big day a success, so its important to show them your appreciation.

When sending a thank you note you want to try and be as personal as possible and all notes should be sent out no later than 3 months after the weeding.

Make sure that the note is hand written and if the person gave you a gift other than cash you should mention it on the card and make a cute comment about how it has come so handy. Even consider including a photo of you and your hubby using such item.

Many of our couples get stationary printed at the same time they get their invitation done, this way its easy to start them as soon as you are back from your honeymoon. Remember to keep the note short and sweet.

Meghna and Harish in Maharani Weddings

We are super excited that our couple Meghna and Harish were featured in Maharani Weddings this week!

This wedding was a little over a year ago but the photos and event were so amazing that they are still getting press on it!

Click here to enjoy the post!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food Is But A Number

A full course dinner is when your meal consists of multiple dishes, or courses. It can range from simply three or four courses, or it can be a little more formal consisting of five, seven, either, ten, or even twelve course. The courses are all carefully planned to complement each other, as well as please the guests. Here is how a 3, 5, and 7-course meal are laid out,

3-Course Meal

1. Appetizer

2. Soup/Salad

3. Entree

5-Course Meal

1. Appetizer

2. Soup

3. Entrée

4. Salad

5. Dessert

7-Course Meal

1. Appetizer

2. Soup

3. Fish or Shellfish

4. Palate Cleanser

5. Entrée

6. Salad

7. Dessert

No matter the size, you are going to get a delicious and satisfying meal!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Wedding With A View

A seaside wedding can easily include beautiful things: shiny pebbles, gorgeous skies, and sparkling seas. We found a few great locations for a New Jersey Seaside Wedding venue for a very romantic and charming event,

Ocean Place Resort & Spa

How do you envision your dream wedding? Will you recite your vows on the beach while the sun melts into the blue Atlantic waters behind you? Maybe you're planning a beachfront affair with the waves crashing in front of the ceremony as a gentle sea breeze drifts through the air. Or do you dream of a more regal setting in a grand ballroom? At Ocean Place, the possibilities at this exquisite New Jersey beach wedding location are endless. Let our experienced wedding coordinators plan each stage of your celebration, from the rehearsal dinner to the last dance. Whether you request a huge indoor gala for 1,000 or an intimate ceremony on the beach, we'll help you fashion the nuptials of your dreams.”

Oyster Point Hotel

The Oyster Point Hotel is the ideal location for a waterfront wedding. Whether it’s your special day or renewing your vows, our completely remodeled, luxury boutique hotel offers the perfect setting for your celebration. Envision your cocktail reception over the banks of the Navesink River and dancing the night away in our waterfront ballroom. Incredible water views, impeccable service and great food are all components that create an unforgettable Wedding.”

The Southern Mansion

“The Southern Mansion offers something different that the typical wedding hall or hotel so couples can showcase their special personality or blend into this Victorian splendor. Imagine getting the best this mansion has to offer: make a grand entrance from our spiral staircase, enjoy our exotic lush gardens for your ceremony and cocktail hour, having a delicious gourmet dinner in our large solariums with the garden view, and moving to a different room for music and dancing! Want to surprise your guests with something unique, and have a wedding that your guests remember and talk about for years to come? Infused with stunning beauty and original character The Southern Mansion is your perfect wedding venue.”

Washington Inn

“Voted by New Jersey Monthly Magazine as one of the top Five Most Romantic Places to be married in the state, the Washington Inn prides itself on creating very personalized receptions. Weddings at The Washington Inn Weddings at The Washington Inn are just as romantic and special as you have heard or imagined. Voted as one of the top five "Most Romantic Places to be Married" by New Jersey Monthly Magazine, our gracious 1842 plantation-style mansion in the Historic District of Cape May boasts five unique dining rooms.”

Windows On The Water

“At Windows on the Water we are committed to excellence and most importantly to your happiness. A family owned facility that is located at Surfrider Beach Club; we have orchestrated weddings, and family affairs with perfecting in every detail over the years. Windows on the Water is your Once in a Lifetime occasion location.”

All of these, and more are beautiful locations just waiting to host your very special day!

Monday, October 3, 2011

25 Meals, 1 Bag

Last week we talked about great gifts that keep giving. We wanted to add one more to that list!

The new Clarins FEED 25 Bag. In support of humanitarian values, Clarins is working with FEED projects to help fight hunger worldwide with the Million Meal Campaign, which pledges to provide one million meals in two years through the United Nations World Food Programme.

This is a great first for bridesmaids, or for your mom or future mother in law, 25 meals will be donated when you purchase the bag ($90) which includes some amazing full size iconic Clarins products: One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Beauty Flash Balm, Smoothing Body Scrub, and Moisture Rich Body Lotion.

Another great gift is the Clarins FEED 15 Pouch ($30), which will donate 15 meals to the WFP.