Thursday, September 22, 2011

Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Everybody loves wedding favors, and if you want to give wedding favors to your guests that are special to you, check out some of these amazing organizations that allow you to give to charity while giving to your guests:

Partner up with GAP and Join (RED):

(RED) is a simple idea that transforms our incredible collective power as consumers into a financial force to help others in need. Why not choose one of their red colored products from the Apple store like the iPod Nano, or the first-ever (APPLE)RED Smart Cover for iPad 2. There are also the (PRODUCT)RED™ Special Edition Lucky bracelets from Carolina Bucci, which are designed to capture the spirit of childhood friendship bracelets within the world of fine jewelry.

Global Goods Partners:

Global Goods Partners offer handmade gifts that support women. They have a lot to choose from, such as Jewelry such as Wooden Bangles, Beaded Bracelets and More To Support Women Artisans. Scarves which are all fair-trade, handmade and eco-friendly. Home décor, such as African Baskets, Unique Candles, or even Hand embroidered coasters. All of these gifts are dedicated to empowering women, alleviating poverty, and promoting social justice.

Marie Claire:

Marie Claire offers feel good gifts that give back. Check out their website to see an extensive collection of fun and charitable gifts that can double as favors for your wedding. Why not get Aveda's Destined for Smoothness Set, an all-in-one package that comes with two of their best-selling products: the Smooth Infusion shampoo and the style-prep smoother; with part of the proceeds going toward saving the Colombian Rainforest. Or you can get aFEED Guatemala 3 Large Ikat tote, not only are they stylish, but these versatile tote bags are handmade by Nest, a nonprofit organization that empowers female artisansaround the globe

There is a lot of struggle and hardship that is happening all around us,and with all of the love being spread around on your special day,why not share a little bit with the world?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Questions to Ask A Church

When it comes to weddings, the most traditional option for your ceremony and venue is a church. But before you can booka church as your venue, there are questions that should be asked about things you can do, and more importantly, a few questions about what you cannot do. Here are a few:

1. Are there any restrictions regarding flowers or candles?

2. May petals be thrown?

3. May a fire be present during the ceremony?

4. Are there restrictions regarding ceremony attire?

5. Can we decorate the church the way we want?

6. What are your photography/videography restrictions?

7. Do we have to use the church music?

It is important to get all of the information before you make a final decision, so always make sure to coverall your bases.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Forget Diamonds, FLOWERS are a Girl's Best Friend!

When it comes to your wedding, a lot of brides simply don’t know what flowers to use. Do you choose flowers based on their appearance? Whatabout their scent? Or simply based on colors? Here are just a few of our favorites for bouquets, and arrangements:




Calla Lilies:


Whichever you choose, from our selection, or your own, the final product will be beautiful!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

5 Gifts for your Groomsmen!

A gift for the Groomsmen is a nice way to say thank you for not just being a friend, but for wearing the expensive tuxedo, for ushering the guests down the aisle, and for not revealing your deep dark secrets during the reception toast. But what type of gift do you get for someone like that? Here are a few suggestions for Groomsmen gifts:

A personal touch is a good way to go -- add a monogram a set of cuff links. A simple, and well-placed set of initials can give something ordinary a little flair.

Go for guy stuff -- it's as easy and classic. A flask is one of the greatest groomsman gifts. It’s continuous, yet practical, with a shameless male-bonding quality.

You should avoid gifts that are ridiculously cheap -- but this doesn't mean you have to choose something extremely pricy either. A monogrammed mug is a great reminder of your friendship that he will have every morning.

You could go for something sleek, and convenient like a watch. It’s not something too outrageous, and your groomsmen will constantly use it.

Remember that your gift doesn’t need to be something you can hold – it could be something you hold onto. Why not invest in a personalized money clip?

These, plus many more, are great ideas for giftsfor your buds. Make sure to steer clear of anything that has any relation to the bride because this is a man-to-man gift. This gift should simply say “thanks dude, and enjoy”.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great Bridesmaids Gifts

You've made the decision to ask some of your closest female friends or relatives to support you as bridesmaids through the wedding process. Now comes the hard part of picking out the right bridesmaids gifts for your bridesmaids. Here are several ideas for giving that perfect bridesmaid gift to those great women you're lucky to have in your life.

Lifetheraphy Pulse Point Oil Perfume
What we love about Lifetherapy is that they have a variety of scents to choose from. Each scent corresponds to a mood, so choose the one that best matches each of your bridesmaids. Choose from escape, chill, fun, flirty or vacation.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet with Monogram Charm
A great way to incorporate their gift into the wedding is giving them jewelry. This Swarovski crystal bracelet is a great option. You can choose a color that matches their dresses and even have the pendant engraved with their initials.

Personalized Toiletry bag
This is a great option if you are doing a destination wedding. Embroider their names or initials and add a few of their favorite travel size toiletries.

Personalized Wine Box
Who doesn’t love wine! Get each bridesmaid’s a bottle of their favorite wine and put it in a engraved keep sake box. After they have drank the wine the box will all serve as a reminder of the wedding.

Personalized Robe
Consider booking a spa day for all your bridesmaids the week of the wedding, upon arrival gift them all with personalized robes. Every girl loves to get cozy after a nice bath!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leading Hotels of the World!

Need someone who understands the finer points of luxury and hospitality? The Leading Hotels of the World is the place to look! Maintaining offices in 22 cities around the globe, The Leading Hotels of the World is the representation of the world finest. Headquartered in New York City, with more than 450 members in 80 countries, they offer the largest collection of luxury hotels, resorts and spas where first class service is never an exception. Whether you want a family getaway, romantic escape, or a wedding of your dreams, look no further. The Leading Hotels of the World features hotels that cater to whatever you need, business or pleasure, all while indulging you in a 5 star lifestyle with unmatched comfort.

How does a hotel become part of this elite? In order to be included, a hotel must be in the category of deluxe/luxury, meeting the most exact standards with value to the accommodations, cuisine, service, employee behavior and amenities, and in short, all aspects involving guest comfort, convenience and mood. The properties admitted to The Leading Hotels of the World are the world’s most distinguished, and are always adhering to the organizations standards of high value.

The Leading Hotels of the World gives absolute service, attention to details, and expert support all of which make every experience that much more memorable.

For an easy hotel reservation, visit: and be one click closer to luxury!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Unforgettable Bride, Unforgettable Shoes

We gals know the importance of having a fierce shoe game. Admit it, sometimes we just love saying the names of our favorite shoe designers just to get that shoe craving satisfied. But when better a time to splurge and really satisfy those designer desires than on your wedding day? Ladies, never forget that one of the most important parts of your wedding ensemble are your shoes. They not only accent the dress, but they pull your entire get up together and add that élégance et goût to your look. Don’t be afraid to go highend either. Everything from your video, photos, and wedding favors to your wedding accessories and your wedding dress are all pricey investments, why not make sure that your shoes are included? Here are some of our favorite designers that speak the language of “highend shoes”:

1) Manolo Blahnik (What, you thought Carrie Bradshaw was the only one allowed to splurge on these?)
2) Miu Miu
3) Prada
4) Jimmy Choo
5) Christian Louboutin
6) Roberto Cavalli
7) Alexander McQueen
8) Yves Saint Laurent
9) Moschino
10) Gucci
Check out these fashion foot favorites so that on your wedding day everyone will be saying that the bride was stunning literally, from head to toe!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Damali NYC Hair, Makeup and Spa

Fresh, new, innovative…relaxing, exquisite, and chic. These are just a few words that you would use to describe Damali NYC Spa’s ambiance and services. Whenever we look for different hair and makeup vendors to work with, we require a certain caliber, competence and essence in them and their work. When first walking into Damali NYC, you feel like you are walking into a typical high end New York City spa. With a decor that merges regal Western European taste with metropolitan modern edge, it is no wonder that so many clients from all over the country hail Damali NYC as a New York City favorite for hair, makeup and spa treatments. With Damali NYC servicing everyone from the bride next door to celebrity clients, it amazes us how down to earth and inviting they are! With this beauty and concierge studio being run by a commendable and delightful sister duo, it is really easy to feel like one of the family. They offer an array of beauty services with everything from spa treatments to hair and makeup, to “Girls Night Out” girlfriend and bachelorette parties right from their space!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Importance Of A Timeline On Your Wedding Day

There are many things that can help make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly, but the most important among them is having a wedding timeline. Planning a wedding takes a lot of thinking ahead, but when it comes to the day of, nobody ever really knows how much time he or she really needs throughout the day. That’s where a timeline really comes in handy, it helps the day run smoothly and keeps everyone organized and ready without chaos and confusion.

Some key points to have in your timeline are:

1. Make sure to include a hair and makeup schedule.

2. Make sure to add in vendor arrival and departure times.

3. Make sure to note any transportation pickups and drop-offs.

4. Make sure to include all walks down the aisle and grand entrance lineups.

5. Make sure to include all songs such as music for walk down the aisles, grand entrances, first dance, cake cutting, and last song of the night.

Nobody wants to be overwhelmed on their special day, and there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to your wedding. Having a timeline creates a stress free wedding day all while keeping things moving and makingsure that everyone and everything happens according to plan.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gaurav and Beatriz's Wedding!

The roses werered, the sky was blue, and everything was perfect, including the “I do’s”!

Combining a historic landmark with modern simplicity, Sonal J Shah Event Consultants was able to createthe perfect romantic mood for Gaurav and Beatriz’s wedding on September 4th. The vivacious floral arrangements complimented the lively table settings, all of which were decorated in shades of red and gold.

There wasn’t a dullmoment during the Baarat, whether it was from the excitement of the music and dancing, or from the Hollywood movie being shot right next door, both events seemed in constant competition fighting over which event was the bigger attraction.

The wedding aisle was adorned with rose petals leading up to an elegantly decorated Mandap, which followed the theme of red, with hints of gold and cream.

The happy couple danced the night away to the vibrant music from both the live band and DJ who made sure to play all the hits, classic and new. The deliciously prepared food and bubbly drinks were enjoyed while love and laughter was shared listening to speeches from the Bride’s sister, the Groom’s sister and brother-in-law, and the father of the Groom.

At the end of the night, guests weregiven gorgeous favors, which included silver picture frames, and decadent chocolates to take along with their memories from a fantastic evening!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Magnolia Cupcakes

Where can you go to have someone help you create a beautiful and memorable wedding? Magnolia’s Bakery! Specializing in custom cupcakes, cupcake trees, deconstructed wedding cakes, and dessert tables, Magnolia Bakery works very close with the bride and the groom by offering many different selections and options that will help in creating the perfect look for your wedding.

Specializing in hand crafted classic American desserts; Magnolia Bakery makes everything fresh from scratch in small batches throughout the day using only the best ingredients. Baking the old-fashioned way without using preservatives or stabilizers, their desserts are extremely enjoyable.

Whether you are looking for Packaged Cookies that are delicious and custom to your personal specifications, or lovely Cupcake Boxes for your wedding, Magnolia’s Bakery provides all of this with their creatively frosted cupcakes which peek through the clean windows of their cupcake favor boxes. Anything you want, and anything your sweet tooth may desire on that special day is ready and available with Magnolia!

You can check out all of these special ideas and more at their website: