Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Plated Desserts


Lately we have been telling all of our brides to do a clean, plated dessert instead of the large 50 item Viennese Dessert Displays. I love this plate that was done for us at the Edan Roc in Miami(last photo). It was over 9 items! I also love cheesecake lollipops (first photo). It was delicious and the presentation cannot be beat. You can incorporate in your favorite flower or a chocolate monogram with your initials. I think this is so pretty and gives your dessert an elegant look.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New England Islands

I was flipping through my copy of Town and Country and saw an advertisement for American Cruise Lines and their "Harbor Hopping" 8 Days/ 7 Nights Cruise in New England! How cool for a close by honeymoon location?

The cruise goes to Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket Island, New Bedford, Block Island, Newport and Providence.

It is so close to NYC but you still get the cruise experience.

American Cruse Lines 1-800-814-6880.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Note from one of our New Brides

It is so nice to get notes like this from our brides. It makes our job so worthwhile to know that we do make a difference:

When we first decided to use a wedding planner, our main goal was to have someone work with us to create a unique and exciting wedding that no one would ever forget. To work with Sonal was our top pick from Day 1 and after interviewing several companies, the clear winner was SJS Event Consultants. In the short time I have worked with Sonal and her staff, I have been truly impressed with their attention to detail and the time and effort they put in coming up with innovative ideas. And there's an added bonus working with them....they save you money!!! I was so impressed with Sonal's negotiating skills and how well she has been able to communicate with vendors on our behalf. It is all because of Sonal that we are able to plan our wedding at our dream venue...in just 2 short weeks of negotiating with the hotel, Sonal has saved us almost $40,000 in expenses that we would have otherwise had to pay. While SJS Consultants definitely focuses on giving you a quality event, it is obvious they also go the extra step of saving you money at the same time!!!
-- Rachana



I went on a really nice tour of the Waldorf the other day. I have to say that this is a hotel that is perfect for Indian Weddings. Their main ballroom is HUGH and there is so much prefunction space. I love that fact that they can have the baraat coming down Park Ave and they can close the entrance for the groom! So cool! The chandeliers, the posh marble floors, who doesn't want to say they got married at the Waldorf? There are not that many venues in the City that can accomodate 1000+ guests. Glad to find one venue that is so prestigious and have experience with Indian Weddings.

Love It!
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Nikah through Video-Conferencing

I found this article so interesting of how technology brings weddings so much closer.
I had to laugh at this but I guess anything is possible...

Times of India:

The groom appeared on a laptop screen to say "qubool hai" (I accept) from far away Dubai at a Muslim wedding solemnised here - a sure sign how high technology is spreading fast among people.

The 'nikah' was performed through video-conferencing in the walled city of Lucknow Thursday evening with the 'moulvi' declaring that the marriage had been solemnised after the groom said 'yes'.

The bride had already given her affirmative "qubool hai" before a web camera.

After the moulvi declared the Nikah solemnised, it was followed by "mubarak ho" congratulatory calls from the friends and relatives gathered at the bride's home.

High priest Maulana Hamidul Hasan said: "This was the first nikah I have performed through video-conferencing. I am myself impressed by the procedure. It makes the task so much easier.

"I think this is a step beyond and better than the telephonic Nikah as one is now able to see the person with whom one is getting married,"
Both the bride and groom were well accomplished.

Asked what prompted the family to go for a video-conferencing Nikah, Aliza's father, said: "Well, my daughter was engaged to Alishan about a month ago and we had fixed the marriage for December. However, with visa formalities likely to take longer than usual, our son-in-law suggested this. Just see, how well it has worked out!"

He said: "Initially it appeared strange that a Nikah was being performed without the groom being present at the venue. But soon everyone realised what a unique and wonderful way it was to tie the nuptial knot."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love the Hints of Color


I love this photo of a room done for one of our weddings at Oheka Castle in Long Island, NY. The look is so simple but the color of the favors and the flowers just give it that over the top yet clean, classy look!

For afternoon weddings, consider something like this that makes the room light and elegant.
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Nice Gift After Your Wedding

I love finding new, cool websites.

What a great idea for a photo from your wedding. They are in Australia but I just got this for one of my brides.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great Honeymoon

So many of our clients are between the ages of 21 and 35. I recently went on a lovely Aegean Cruise with my husband and I highly recommend it to brides and grooms who want to do a honeymoon to Greece. It was so much fun to be on a luxury boat but they had so many activities for us and our group (all age 18 to 34).

It is also very affordable as Contiki Tours ( contiki.com) really tries to attract the younger crowd.

Great Place for a budget honeymoon that is fun and affordable. I know it is not a luxury Bali resort but they go there too!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Days of Traveling

This past week has been visiting one bride, to the next, to the next.
I left over a week ago to meet a bride in Miami. I loved getting out of the 2 degree weather we have right now in NYC! All the hotels I visited on my trip were so gracious and just such warm and friendly people who know the meaning of customer service and hospitality! They really rolled out the red carpet for our bride, her family and for me!

My favorite part of my trip to Miami was the cake at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. I love handbags and this would be my cake all the way!!!

Next, I was on to visit our new bride in Houston.. again.. thank God for the warm destinations that I am lucky enough to go to. It was two days of nothing but site inspections, meeting with photographers, dj's, florists. We had so much fun but it was truly exhausting for the bride and her sweet, sweet mom! We did so much in two days. We saw about 7 venues, met with two photographers, 2 video people, 1 dj, 1 florist, did her entire event menu. It was packed but productive. I love the terry cotton robes and had to take a photo of this one at the JW Marriott Houston.

I even had a celebrity siting of Yao Ming!!! Mr. Houston himself was at one of the hotels on our site. Photo to come from the bride's mom.

Next, I was on a flight to San Antonio. I really love The Patel's! One of my favorite families. They really treat me like family and I love visting Binta and her mom. It like 3 wedding crazy girls planning this wedding that NOONE IN SAN ANTONIO WILL EVER FORGET! We tasted Cake, saw the bride's flowers, met with the hotel, planned the baraat. It was great.