Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prioritize and Budget

It’s an exciting time. You just got engaged to your soul mate and you start looking at magazines, dresses, and décor. Don’t get carried away just yet. If you don’t prioritize your wants and needs and set a budget, this special time can become stressful and put a strain on your finances and your relationships.

Be realistic and honest with yourself. Do you really need crystals on your cake? Do you need a ten piece band and a dj? Distinguish between what you want and what you need.

Setting and following a budget will help guide you throughout the planning process. Understand you may have to make some comprises. If you exceed the budget with one item, such as your dress, be prepared to cut back in other areas, such as décor. The more you want, the bigger the budget.

Helpful Tips:

  • Budget: Think with your wallet
  • The time of year: Holidays and long weekends are normally more expensive
  • Linen: Go with the standard or what the venue or caterer supplies
  • Cake: Go with a local bakery that will be less expensive.
  • Menu: Try a buffet option instead of a seated dinner service

Stay flexible, prioritize, and remember you can have an amazing wedding on any budget!

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