Friday, January 25, 2008

Rupali and her Baltimore Wedding

I reviewed my photos from my trip to Baltimore on January 25th. Rupali and Chetan are getting married in Baltimore. What a fun couple they are.

I love her energy and he is such an involved groom.

We visited her parents in Baltimore where her mom has just come back from her shopping trip to India. She has brought back so many wedding related items. Rupali's mom has great taste. I am not sure how many brides would trust their mom's to go to India and go shopping for them.

We later went to the Hyatt in Baltimore ( and I saw the space for the first time. It is such a beautiful hotel. We spoke of the color scheme we were going to incorporate into the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

We have to make this wedding grand as the couple's personality is so grand! This will be a fun, fun wedding... 800 guests... WOW!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My new blog.. how fun!!

Here I am another... another night on the computer. Wedding planning is not easy... lots and lots of emails and trying to get new and unique ideas. I am very lucky because I work with great vendors who make my life easier.

Anyways, today, I wrote an article on Linen and different types of linen and why brides need to know about linen. I hope it helps our brides.

Will write more later on... good night.