Monday, February 28, 2011

Miniature Cupcakes Galore

Cupcakes have become a big trend at many of our recent events. For our wedding this past weekend, we had wonderful pre-packaged cupcakes, provided by Baked by Melissa, as favors for guests to take home at the end of the night. Guests loved the idea and the cupcakes were a huge hit!

Baked by Melissa is a local vendor that satisfies everyone’s palate, whether in the greater New York area or nationwide. And since the miniature cupcakes are about the size of a quarter, they are especially appealing to all dessert lovers who want to enjoy their great flavors in a guilt-free way. Baked by Melissa has 10 signature flavor cupcakes and one special flavor each month. For February, the ‘flavor of the month’ was coconut cream; you can find out the special March flavor by logging on to their website at

The one thing that really stands out about this great cupcake shop is that you can customize your cupcakes. All you have to do is go to their website and, right before your eyes, you can create your own delicious treat. If you are not sure exactly what you want, just go into their gallery and look at what others have created.

These miniature cupcakes are a great way for your guests to end a wonderful event by giving them something sweet to take home and enjoy.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Trendy NYC After Spots

Your reception is a time for fun, music and dancing. A lot of our couples have been inquiring about locations to continue the party. Here are two trendy places we have recently used:

1.Empire Hotel Rooftop
44 West 63rd Street
New York, NY 10023
City Views
Accommodates 400-700 people cocktail seating
All season room with glass rooftop

2. Press Lounge
Part of Print Restaurant at Ink 48 Kimpton Hotel
653 11th Avenue
New York City
Panoramic City views
Accommodates 300 people cocktail seating

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photo Booths

Everyone looks for some sort of entertainment that will be memorable and interactive for their wedding day. Photo booths have become popular in recent years and are always enjoyable no matter what type of event you are hosting.

A photo booth can be set up for the cocktail hour, however this may not allow enough time for all your guests to enjoy it. An ideal time to set it up is after dinner when all the formalities are over so you and your guests can really let loose and have a great time. The rental period can range from 2 to 4 hours, which is enough time for everyone to enjoy.

Sometimes your photographer may offer this service, but if not, you may need to reach out to a photo booth vendor. The average cost is $900- $1800 for a standard 2-4 hours. Here are some details to keep in mind when looking to book a photo booth:

Types of Photo Booths:
1.Classic Photo Booth: Provides a 3-4 picture photo strip and accommodates 1-4 people.

2.Collapsible Photo Booth: Provides a 3-4 picture photo strip and can accommodate 1-6 people. Normally they have curtains set up as the walls of the booth.

3.Back Drop: Normally this service is provided by your photographer.

Details to Ask:
1.Is there an attendant(s) to be with the photo booth all night? If so, how many?

2.Can the photo strips be customized with a logo or the couple’s name? Is there a fee for this?

3.What color options are available for the photo strips (e.g. full color, black and white, and sepia)?

4.Are props included? If not, can they be included and is there an additional charge?

5.Is set up and break down included?

6.Does the host need to provide a meal for the attendant(s)?

7.Does the service come with a cd or thumb drive with all the pictures?

8.Will there be an online gallery?

9.What other options or services are available, (i.e. guest book, extra hours)?

10.Are there unlimited pictures or a contracted amount?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Centerpieces

Spring is just around the corner which means flowers will start blooming again. If you are going to have a spring wedding, you have many options to choose from as far as the texture and color of your flowers. Most spring flowers are very delicate and will give an elegant touch to your day.

There are so many great flower options; here are some of our favorites:

1. Tulips

2. Cherry Blossoms

3. Lilly of The Valley

4. Daffodils

5. Shasta Daisies

6. Peonies

These are all great options and can work together or on their own. Make sure to speak with your florist about different vases and heights to achieve the look you are going for. Go for a taller centerpiece if you want to create something very dramatic. If you are looking for a more subtle yet modern look, go for a cluster of shorter vases.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unique Entertainment

More and more of our clients are choosing to have entertainment during their reception. This is a great way to impress your guests and make your wedding different than everyone else’s.

There are a lot of great options for entertainment, from singing groups to acrobats. Here is a list of our favorites:

Best known for their appearance on America’s Got Talent, this trio of identical triplets is originally from Poland and now reside in Las Vegas. The sisters combine vocal performance with violin improvisation. They have toured Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, and Brazil as well as numerous places in the United States. Some of their most memorable performances include: the National Anthem for the Lakers at the Staples Center, The Academy Awards Governor’s Ball, the Opening of the Rose Bowl Parade with Leann Rhimes, and a Christmas Performance for the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden. They play all of their own original music.

If you want to add a fun over the top element to your wedding, make sure to reach out to Acrobacks. This NYC based firm can provide you with all types of crazy entertainment from contortionists, acrobats, tap dancers, even LED Hula Hoop dancers. For your big day, make sure to check out their bouncing bartenders and their human mobile.

Ascen Dance Project is a company founded in January of 2006 by German born performance artist and rock climber Isabel von Rittberg to create work that explores the aesthetics of climbing. Movement on a vertical stage, without the use of ropes, has a beauty and grace that will leave your guests in awe.

If you are looking for an elegant performance, look no further than GHDT. They are a contemporary dance company that performs in a wide variety of styles that combine modern dance, ballet, pointe, ethnic dance forms and theatre to create a unique style of movement and sense of drama. Their repertoire extends to more than 100 pieces that are sure to satisfy any guest.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Turks and Caicos Planning Trip

We had the pleasure of going back to Turks and Caicos with one of our lovely couples last weekend. Sujata and Priyesh are so nice and it has been such a pleasure working with them. They are getting married in May and we got to finalize all the details of their big day. Their wedding will be a small affair but full of gorgeous details.

Turks and Caicos is a great location for a destination wedding. Not alot of people have experienced it so your guests will appreciate going to a new place. Since the island is so small they have a very tight nit community and everyone is great to work with and very professional. Make sure you check out The Seven Stars Grace Bay Hotel; their level of service is incomparable.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Booking Your Pandit (Priest)

When planning an Indian wedding, the pandit or priest, is one of the most important vendors to book. You may choose a family pandit or a local one that is well known in the community. There are certain questions you need to ask when interviewing and deciding on a pandit to make sure that everyone is on the same page for your wedding.

Here are some questions to ask your pandit:

-Does he have a contract- most don’t but it is important to have an agreement in writing to refer to if any questions arise.

-Do you have to provide travel and accommodations or will he take care of that on his own?

-Does he need meals provided to him?

-Will he have anyone with them (i.e. an assistant)? Sometimes the pandit comes with one or two assistants.

-Does he have a set program that he follows and can he give you the order of events? Each pandit follows a slightly different order of events.

-Does he follow the program exactly or is it more of a guideline? Check if he bounces around the program or if he follows it exactly. This may affect the length of the ceremony.

-How long is the ceremony? Can he do a shorter ceremony?

-Do you have to provide the items needed to perform the ceremony or will he bring everything?Ask him for a list of items needed for the ceremony and ask him what he will bring so there is no confusion on the day of the wedding.

-What is the agreed upon price? Although the pandit may leave this up to your discretion, you don’t want him to come back with a price out of your budget that he says is his “normal” fee.

-Can he perform your pre-wedding pujas?

-Consider how well he speaks English if that is an important criteria for you.

Whomever you choose, make sure you are comfortable with his services and you both understand what has been agreed upon for the ceremony. Choosing the right pandit is the hard part; after that, he will then guide you through the rest so you can enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What To Bring For A Destination Wedding

When having a destination wedding you want to make sure your guests feel like they are on vacation, and just like on vacations there is always last minute packing. This always leads to forgetting things. So make sure to give your guests a heads up with a reminder of must bring things. Here is a list we put together:

1. Sun block
2. Flip Flops (especially if wedding is on the beach)
3. Hand sanitizer
4. Change of clothes in their carry on-just in case their luggage gets lost.
5. Passport and original documents
6. Snacks (some hotels are very expensive in terms of food)
7. All necessary medicines
8. Bathing suit and cover up
9. Power converter 110 to 220
10. Powder drink mixes- crystal light, or lemonade mixes (small packets)
11. Lavender scented oils or candles (in case they feel jet lagged)

Friday, February 11, 2011

What To Do With All Those Flowers

One of the most important aspects of your wedding day will be your decor. But after the big day is over and you have danced your last dance, what do you do with all the left over flowers?

Here are a few suggestions:

- Donate Your Flowers:
Check with your local nursing homes or assisted living centers to see where your centerpieces could be put to good use. The following websites will help you locate a nursing home or assisted living facility in your area.

- Use Centerpieces as Gifts
One way to honor those who helped make your wedding a special day is to give them a bouquet, perhaps a centerpiece, as a gift. Everyone loves fresh flowers, and with the right care those flowers will stay beautiful for a week or two after your wedding. The people that helped make your special day such a success can relive the beauty of your wedding every time they look at your beautiful flowers.

- Preserve Your Bouquet
You can have your wedding bouquet freeze dried to preserve it after your wedding day. Be sure you have this professionally done, as it takes special equipment to remove all of the moisture from your bouquet and preserve its shape and beauty. Once it is preserved, you can have it mounted to display in your new home. As long as you do not touch the bouquet, it should stay beautiful for several years. Imagine being able to show your children your wedding bouquet one day!

- Start a Compost Heap
Composting is probably not on your mind on your wedding day, but if you intend to have a garden in your new home, your wedding flowers are the perfect way to start your compost heap. You can designate someone to collect the flowers after the party and take them to your home where the compost area is set up.

Once the flowers are in the compost heap, they can remain untouched until you return from your honeymoon. Then, you can add your kitchen waste and gardening waste to the compost heap as you begin your new life together. Soon you will have healthy compost that you can add to the soil of your next garden. Whether you want to grow food or plant flowers, compost, created with your wedding flowers, will help the plants grow big and stay healthy

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Group Activities For Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are very popular and are a wonderful experience for all those who attend. Whether a short trip or a week long stay, it is fun to have some preplanned activities for your guests to participate in. Here are some ideas:

1. Yoga on the beach
2. Group Hike
3. Dance lessons with a local instructor to soak up the local culture
4. Scavenger hunt, especially to involve any children in attendance
5. Sightseeing tour
6. Fitness boot camp on the beach, to stay fit on vacation
7. Limbo contest
8. Golf Tournament
9. Ice cream social
10. Local wine or beer tasting

Whatever your plans, your guests will have a great time. Remember to enjoy your destination wedding.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Top 5 Dessert Trends for 2011

As wedding planners one of the most common questions clients ask us is what is something unique they can do to impress their guests. One of the easiest ways to do this is with food, even better, dessert!
There are so many different things you can do. Here are our top 5 dessert trends for 2011.

1. Macarons
The hottest trends, whether fashion or cuisine, often begin in big cities. In Paris and New York, dessert right now is all about macarons. It’s a soft, airy and chewy pastry that holds a layer of something flavorful and rich, like a chocolate ganache, or a flavored buttercream. The macaron combines the best of all the trends—it’s a small bite, with a lot of flavor, and it is unusual enough to be a special occasion dessert.

2. Ice Cream Floats
This will bring out the inner child in all of your guests! Everyone can choose their favorite ice cream flavor and mix it with milk, soda, beer or even wine! With so many mix and match options everyone will be happy.

3. Infused Strawberries
This is a very interesting twist on your typical strawberry bar! Guests can choose from different liquors (Baileys, Kahlua, Amaretto, etc.) and have them infused via syringe into the strawberry. After that they can dip them in white or dark chocolate. To finish this already delicious treat they can choose from a different selection of toppings (nuts, coconut, sprinkles) to top off the treat.

4. Mochi Ice Cream

Not a lot of people have heard of this yummy dessert yet, but by the end of the year everyone will be loving it! Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded sticky rice) with an ice cream filling. With many flavor to choose from (chocolate, red bean, green tea, among many others) your guests will love this tiny yet refreshing treat.

5. Sizzling Brownie
If you want a dessert with a WOW factor this is the one for you. Guests can choose from a selection of brownies (blondie, chocolate, etc.) which will be cooked in butter and infused with rum. Once the rum is added to the pan this will create a fire effect leaving your guest speechless. Finish off the dessert with their choice of ice cream and this will be a dessert they will never forget.

2011 Wedding Season

Wedding Season in NY is just around the corner and things are already moving full speed ahead. We are working with so many great brides this year! We can't wait to share their stories with you. We are completely booked through the end of July, but still have dates available in August-December. Make sure to call and book your dates.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pacifica Perfumes

I love to post about things that I personally find interesting and use myself. I am obsessed with fragrances and anyone who knows me knows that I have a candle lit in my home, office, hotel room 24/7.
I recently discovered Pacifica Perfumes!! They have such amazing fragrances. I am so happy that there is a company out there which has fragrances which not only smell great but is cruelty free to animals and 100% vegan (as a lot of our brides are either vegan or vegetarian). The company also is huge on the environment and use 100% recycled boxes, and donate to women's organizations and women's shelters.
So, why does this matter to you if you are a bride? I think if you explore their site you will see that there are so many favor ideas (which I always get asked about). From mini soy candles to soaps, they have so many small gifts which are perfect for wedding favors, to give to your bridesmaids, or give at your bridal shower.
I encourage everyone to think outside the box when it comes to favors and this is a company which has lots of great items plus they are very responsible. My favorite: Persian Rose!!! Obsessed with it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Royally Wed

Like I have said before I am so very thrilled to be the wedding planner for Actress Reshma Shetty... she is getting married here in NYC in March and we were so "jazzed" to be part of her big day.

We previously mentioned that her character on "Royal Pains" on the USA Network is also getting married, so they decided to create a series of webisodes to help fans with planning their own weddings. We did an amazing interview with Reshma late last year and the webisode was just posted on the USA site. Click here to watch.

Let us know what you think.