Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top 10 First Dance Songs

Many couples have asked us for suggestions on their first dance. I think the first dance is a very personal thing. It should represent you as a couple and what you mean to each other. But we’re always here to help. So we have compiled a list of some songs which have been our favorites, top 10 with a few additions. We hope our favorites help you figure out yours.

Bryan Adams – Everything I Do (I do it for you)
Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You
Billy Joel – Just The Way You Are
James Blunt – You’re Beautiful
Lonestar – Amazed
Jason Maraz – I’m Yours
Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight
Lifehouse – You And Me
Singh is King – Teri Ore
Adnan Sami and Asha Bhosle – Kabhi to nazar milao
Kalyug – Jiya dhadak dhadak
Yes Boss – Ek din aap
Kabhi Kabhie – Kabhi Kabhi

PS: We always love it when the couple starts out with a slow romantic song and cuts into a crazy dance song like “Baby Got Back”

New Color Scheme Ideas

Many brides our have been asking for advice on new color schemes. Here’s Sonal’s guide to new color combinations for different events.

Color schemes for Mehndi
The color themes for Mehndi which have been done over and over again are Peacock and Moroccan, so they are out. Try these combinations instead, they are more elegant and certainly more unique for a Mehndi event.

Chocolate Brown and Pink
Chocolate Brown and Emerald Green
Chocolate Brown and Red
Chocolate Brown and Fushia

Color schemes for Garba
The color combinations which most brides use Garba are traditional bright colors like red, green and yellow. For Garba you can try these color combinations that are still bright and cheery but something different from the norm.

Pink and Lime Green
Pink and Red
Pink and Orange
Pink and Bright Blue

Color schemes for Wedding
Instead of the traditional Red and Gold, try a neutral color pallet. It’s definitely a step from the norm. These colors bring a sense of sober sophistication to any wedding.

White and Pink
White and Grass Green
White and Cream
White and Gold
White and Sky Blue with lots of crystals

Color schemes for Reception
The trend is to explore new colors which are very chic and cosmopolitan. Adding lots of crystals and candles will complete the image.

White and Blue
White and Cream
White and Silver
White and Gold and Silver
White with bubbles, clear accessories and crystals

When you start thinking of color schemes for each event, think outside the box. Hope these ideas help make our wedding planning experience a little bit easier.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Importance of Pipe and Drape

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of pipe and drape, located behind the stage area? I have. So, I started doing some research, and I was able to solve the mystery.

The purpose of pipe and drape is to cover unsightly objects that you do not want in pictures or videos of your special event. It can hide things such as light switches, panel doors, vents, staircases, doorway entrances, EXIT signs, and other objects in the room that could ruin the backdrop of the event.

I have a couple of examples from past events where there was no pipe and drape used in the background to create the center stage. Although the d├ęcor at both events was beautiful, there are objects that take your focus from the main stage.

One of our recent brides had a perfect example where pipe and drape was used in the background of the stage area. It makes a big different. Your focus stays on the center stage rather then the background. You’re not distracted by the objects behind the stage. There are a few doorways to the kitchen and a couple of Exit signs behind these drapes.

Pipe and drape can also be used to cover the walls of the entire venue if the wall color does not go with your color scheme. Or it can create a more intimate and romantic space where you have high vaulted ceilings. So once you’ve chosen your venue, make sure to speak with your decorator or venue about using pipe and drape. Mystery solved!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Deed Favors

Many of our brides have requested a list of favors which help great causes. We’ve found a few charities in India which offer hand made products by those less fortunate. It’s really amazing to know that a favor you can give to your guests will be helping those who are less privileged.

Shraddha Charitable Trust -
The organization assists autistic and mentally challenged young adults by helping them build skills to create the arts & crafts. The site offers many products including decorative bags, boxes, picture frames, etc.

Akanksha -
Akanksh is a non-profit organization which provides non formal education for under privileged children through Akanksha centers as well as formal education through Akanksha Schools. The products are created by children in the organization’s Art for Akanksha program. The program was started in 1996 and provides the children a space for self-expression. There are many items created by the children on the website including gift bags, candles, and trays.

Khushboo Welfare Society -
Khushboo is a voluntary non-government organization, providing multifarious services for development, education and rehabilitation of children, adolescents and young adults with mental and multiple disabilities. There are many hand made items offered on the website includes wooden beaded jewelry, candles, and bags.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meghna's Engagement

These are pictures from our Bride-to-Be's, Meghna's engagement shoot! We are very excited for what's to come! Click the title of this blog to go to their website!

Mansi & Shamie's Wedding

Mansi and Shamie's wedding was great. The family was so wonderful, and Mansi looked absolutely beautiful. The Sheraton Premiere in Tysons Corner, VA was a great venue with fantastic staff. The groom's family also incorporated their adorable dog, Lucky, into the festivities. It was a great wedding!