Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indian Bridal Designers

I have had the opportunity to go to so many weddings and see so many brides wear the more gorgeous outfits! In Indian culture, colors are used to express festivities, so when it comes to bridal wear, the sky’s the limit. Traditionally, red is a lucky color for a bride to wear on her wedding day. These days though, you’ll find so many different kinds of colors and styles, thanks to up and coming designers from all over India. It is amazing how many options a bride can choose from for all of her events!

There are two designer names I recently heard of that do fabulous work and I wanted to share with all of you. One is the brand Shyamal & Bhumika. These are two designers who are known for their traditional Indian designs with contemporary colors. They are featured at many fashion shows, including Lakme Fashion Week, high end fashion magazines, and have many fashion awards to their name. What I love about their line is that they make collections that represent all aspects of India. For example, they designed a collection based on Holi, a festive and colorful Indian holiday that used an array of vibrant colors. Another example is the Indo-Mughal collection that used much more traditional styles and colors that represented the Mughal era.

For any bride, Shyamal and Bhumika is an excellent choice because of the beautiful colors, fabrics, and embroidery mixed with the traditional style. You simply can’t go wrong! For more information, and to see a full portfolio, visit their website at

Another designer is Mona Vora, who does bridal couture designs. Mona does bridal with more of a contemporary twist. With her collection, you might find more “mermaid style” lenghas which are very in fashion today. Mona Vora also makes beautiful saris for party wear, as well as accessories, such as tikas, anklets, jewelry sets, which we all know always comes in handy for a bride. If you are looking for bridal wear but your taste is not as traditional, I suggest you check out Mona Vora’s collection. You can make orders online and from overseas. To see more of her work, visit her site at

These are just a couple of the many fabulous designers from India. Many fashion magazines as well as the internet are great tools to search for many more designs. Bridal clothes should always reflect your personal style, so have fun with it!

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