Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Naughty or Nice...To Vendors

As you plan your wedding you may start to get wrapped up in all the chaos, but remember never loose your ground. Vendors are there to guide and help you in the planning process, but there is a danger with being too nice or too naughty.

If you are too nice your vendor may take advantage of you and not be as forthright with you and feel they can do what they want regardless of your feelings or opinions. However, if you go to the opposite extreme and are too forceful and demanding, you may rub your vendors the wrong way. They may not be inclined to accommodate your needs and can be difficult to do business with.

The solution is a happy medium between the two. You want to be nice and friendly with your vendors but stand your ground and make your opinions heard. Remember to say thank you. A thank you can go a long way. Make sure your vision has been clearly communicated and is on paper with no mistakes. If you feel that the vendor is not listening or you don’t feel comfortable maybe that vendor is not for you. Remember, they are there to make your day spectacular and want to help.

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