Friday, June 27, 2008

Trouble For Destination Weddings?

The most exciting weddings to attend are destination weddings. Are destination weddings as fun as fuel becomes more expensive? We will have to learn to cut corners without making your wedding day less special.

Recently, some domestic airlines introduced new charges for checking baggage. The first checked bag is $15, second checked bag is $25, and so on. If you have to check a bag, then pick an airline that does not charge for the first checked bag. Click here to see which airlines do not currently have fees.

I have been thinking of ways to make destination weddings less expensive for my clients. Here are a few tips:

· You could send a package via FedEx. The two-day shipping service ranges from $10 to more than $80 depending on where the package is being shipped. If you choose this option, do not leave it to the last minute. You wouldn’t want your veil arriving two days after your wedding! And be sure to track everything you ship to avoid losing important items. Also, be careful about what you decide to ship and ask for advice on the best way to package things; your place cards won’t be much use if they are damaged on arrival.

· If your guests are only staying for a few days, advise them to take a large carry-on. One that is packed correctly can hold a few days of clothes, avoiding the expensive checked baggage dilemma. Be aware that some airlines make exceptions for mothers and they are often allowed to take an extra ‘babybag’ on board- use this to your advantage if it applies!

· In order to ensure that you only pack what you need, be sure to check weather information before leaving for your trip. Hotels do have a laundry room so another option is to pack less and wash your clothes at your hotel.

· Try not to bring wedding programs and table name cards if you can get them made on location. It will be one less thing to worry about when traveling.

Destination weddings do get expensive for guests especially if there are more and more unforeseen expenses that pop up.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Washington D.C. wedding gets featured in The Washington Post!

On Saturday, June 14th our team went to DC to coordinate the wedding of Swati Raval and Manan Shah at The Ronald Reagan Building and ITC . This was one of the most anticipated events of this year for us. We had been planning this wedding since 2006! I could not believe how the entire day came together.

To my surprise, the next day, June 15th, The Washington Post published “Groom Turns Heads With an Elephant of an Entrance”, an article that featured Manan’s attention-getting entrance on an elephant! You can read the article here. We were so honored to be featured in The Washington Post!

Manan decided against using a white stallion in his baraat, in favor of an elephant, something he said he had always wanted at his wedding. His three year old nephew joined him as people gathered and took photos. It was very exciting! We had all the people in Downtown DC at a standstill-- traffic, joggers, tourists and of course, the guests who had no idea of any of this! It was perfect… a total surprise to everyone.

I had the pleasure of dressing Minnie, the name that we gave the elephant. I decided to get a picture with her.. who could resist? She is so cute and gentle. I told my husband, Jay, I want one in the backyard!! HaHa

Swati was truly a vision in a gold and cream lengha. She looked soooo beautiful. I got a tear in my eye when she walked down the grand staircase at the Ronald Reagan Building.
Her makeup and hair was done by one of my favorites, Bridalgal.

The entire ceremony area was changed to RED, RED, RED for the reception. The Bride wore a red lengha with a long train in the back…. Really a new look that you will not find in India. The red and gold colors complimented each other perfectly.

Swati and Manan took their pictures in front of the Jefferson Memorial and The Capitol Building. Aren’t they the cutest couple? I love the DC shots.. my favorites. The bridal party wore rust orange and gold.

From start to finish, the day was stressful but worth it. I really could not feel a thing after the 6 Tylenol that I had to take from all the walking! A day in the life of a planner…

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wedding in Wisconsin

In late May our whole team traveled to Wisconsin for the cross-cultural wedding of Seema Gandhi and Ryan Grimm. The festivities began with The garba, a night of dancing and celebration before the wedding on May 24 in Brookfield, Wisconsin. She looked amazing to say the least in her coral and pearl outfit. It is by far one of the nicest outfits I have seen.

The bride gave out cute scarves as favors for the ladies at the Mehendi. I loved the personal touch with the labels that said “SR Seema and Ryan”.

I loved Seema’s mehendi.. She wore traditional Indian gold bangles given to her by her mother.

The wedding was held the next day at the Milwaukee Art Museum… soon becoming one of my favorite venues that we have worked out of.

The Milwaukee Art Museum was such a great location for the wedding and reception. The architecture is gorgeous. I could not believe my eyes when the wing parts actually went up to the entire museum. I had to go take a photo.

We also had one challenge on our hands. Our team had to transform the area of the mandap into a complete dining area for 260 guests. With linens, centerpieces and table numbers and limited time (only one hour) this is quite difficult. Of course, without fail, the reception turned out beautiful. I loved seeing the white, white, white art museum go to lovely shades of hot pink.

Mission Accomplished.. another happily married couple!! Yeah!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Great Ideas From Virginia!

Personalization and price are two factors a wedding is planned around. Little details can make the event memorable but expensive. In our recent wedding in Richmond, Virginia we found some great ways to personalize the details without breaking the bank!

For Nishma's centerpieces we cut 50 oranges, submerged them in water and floated a candle on top.

It looked great and was very inexpensive.

Nishma also personalized her dandiya sticks by attaching ribbons with their names on them.

All the kids looked adorable at the garba, and they had so much fun joining in the raas with everyone.