Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From our New Intern Emma..

As I step into the office on my very first day as a fall intern at SJS Events I am both enthused and excited to expand and amplify my knowledge on the realm that is Indian weddings.

Not knowing alot, alot signifying very little, words such as mehndi, sangeet and mandap which I encounter floating around the office on my very first morning at SJS Events are words which I’m hearing for the very first time. Instantaneously I am alert and intrigued to find out more, pen and paper in hand I begin to write, time to learn!

My exisitng knowledge, or perhaps more appropriate term existing illiterateness, about Indian weddings doesn’t range much further than the basic observations which include Indian weddings as being very flamboyant, colorful, ovewhelming affairs with remarakable attention detail being found throughout every aspect of the occasion.

As I rack my brains trying to come up with something informative and relevant to write on the subject thoughts of colorful outfits, energetic dancing, over sized elephants and excessive jewellery are a few of the things that come rushing to the forefront of my mind.

They say you learn something new everyday and its true and in this case of daily learning I look forward to exploring the world of Indian weddings, learning everything there is to know about them and eventually possessing an over all rewarding knowledge on the subject with thanks to SJS Events.

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