Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cocktail Hour

Many couples overlook details for cocktail hour. Their main focus is normally the food, which is the main thing, but below are a list of other items to make sure you cover:

  1. Music- Background music is key for your cocktail hour, whether it be from your dj, live musician or trio.
  2. Seating- We recommend at least 10 high tables and 10 low tables with about 4-5 chairs. The count of tables can increase depending on the size of your event. Keep it simple and do 10 and 10 or 15 highs and 15 lows. We all know that elderly guests will want to sit down.
  3. Placecards- You will need a table for your place cards and they should be set up in alphabetical order by last name not by table number. We recommend 1 72" round table but depending on how large the placecards are, you may need 2 6' tables next to the round table.
  4. Card box- Some couples choose to have their card box available during cocktail hour as well as during the reception. This can be placed with the guest book or on its own separate table.
  5. Guest Book- Many couples choose to have a guest book of some sort, whether it be a traditional book or a modern twist, such as a wine bottle or wishing bowl.
  6. Centerpieces- Don’t forget your cocktail tables and placecard table arrangements/ flowers. The cocktail tables can have votive candles, a floating flower or floating candle in small bowl. The placecard table arrangement can be as big or small as you like but it should get some décor as well. You just don't want these tables to be empty.


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