Friday, October 12, 2012

Baraat Must Haves

One of the most exciting parts of any Indian wedding is the groom's arrival also known as the Baraat. This is when the groom's family and friend escort and celebrate him as he is lead to be greeted by the bride's family. When planning your baraat here are a few things to keep in mind:

- Elephant, Horse or Car? In India traditionally the groom arrive on an elephant and although this can also be done in the US it can be a little tricky. Make sure you check with you state laws as not all states allow for a elephant to be ridden (NY and NJ do not allow it, DC does). If you are looking for a more economic option consider a white horse or if you want o be a little more modern go for a convertible car.

- Length: Most Baraats last anywhere from 30-45min. Please keep in mind the weather, if its to cold or hot guests wont want to stay dancing in the streets for to long.

- Music plays a huge part of any Baraat procession. We personally suggest hiring a moving sound van or a band. These will allow the sound to travel through out the whole procession and the MC will be able to keep the crowd pumped at all times. For a more economic option consider a Dhol player or a stationary set up. Just keep in mind that with a stationary set up the music wont be able to travel throughout the whole procession.

- Refreshments: Its important to keep in mind that dancing in a Baraat can get tiring especially if its hot outside, so have some water stations set up along the way to keep everyone hydrated. Having a cold towel stand or a Lassi station as the baratees arrive to the greeting is also a great option.

It's always helpful to assign a few family member and friends to make sure to keep the crowd going, and to get the party started!

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