Monday, November 18, 2013

Table Sizes

Knowing the different sizes of tables and how many people can fit at each is key when making your floor plans. This is just one of the many topics we cover in our upcoming book, The Complete Guide to Planning the Perfect South Asian Wedding – read this sneak peak now to help you out!

It is handy to know how many people can be seated at which kind of table, and a little bit about how to put them together in ways that are both practical and aesthetic. Use the chart above to help create a floor plan that includes a nice mix of varied tables, balanced on each side of your banquet room.
            It can be a revelation to many who are planning seating for a wedding to find that it may not be necessary to rent additional tables. Your venue will generally have a range of standard round and long tables. Placed long sides together, six-foot and eight-foot tables will both make square tables ready for ten quests. A six-foot and an eight-foot rectangle table placed end to end creates seating for twenty, as do three six-foot rectangle tables places together in the same fashion. Note that while the seventy-two-inch round and two eight-foot rectangle tables together each may accommodate ten to twelve guests, twelve may feel a little crowded. If possible, keep it at ten for your guests’ maximum comfort. With just a little creative thinking, you will have saved some rental fees and designed a smart-looking room.

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