Thursday, November 14, 2013

Equipment Rental List for Raw Space

Planning an event at an empty space can seem to be simple at first. How hard could it be? Take is from experts, it’s harder than you might think. Having events in a bare space involves accounting for a lot of small details. Earlier this week we discussed how to figure out your bar.

In addition to all the food and alcohol you need to consider the following:
1. Where are guest sitting? Do you need tables? Do you need chairs? Do you need linen?
2. Is the caterer bringing his own equipment? Chaffing dishes, sternos, utensils, etc.
3. What about the bar and bartenders, what are their needs?
4. What about plates, spoons, cups, glasses?
5. Do you have enough trash cans?

These are just some of the things to think about. We recently did an event for 200 guests and compiled a very helpful list of things the client had to rent. The list below can be used for any guest count, just duplicate or triple according to your guest list

For the Bar:
4- Bar Fronts (2 Bars For Cocktail Hour/ 2 Bars For Dinner)
4- 8ft Tables- For Bar Back
2- Beverage Tub With Stand (For Bars)
12- Plastic Tubs for ice and bottle chilling
12- Ice Scoops
32Pkts- Disposable Cocktail Napkins (For Bars)
600- 8 Oz. Wine Glass (For Bars)

For the Cocktail Hour:
50- Chairs (For Cocktail Hour)
10- Water Pitcher (Glass)—To Serve your guests water at their table
10- High Boys (For Cocktail Hour) With 10 Linen
10- Cocktail Tables (For Cocktail Hour) With 10 Linen
240- Salad Forks (For Appetizer Stations)
4- Bread Baskets (For Napkins and Forks On Appetizer Stations)
400- Band B&B Plate (No Lace) (For Cocktail Hour)
1-60" Round Table (For Placecards) With Linen—If you are doing assigned seating

For the Buffets:
3- 6ft Tables (For Buffets)
3- 6ft Table Linen (For Buffets)
300- Dinner Plate (For Buffets)
210- Heavy Soup Bowl (For Buffets)

For the Dinner Reception:
210- Chivari Chair- Chairs For Ballroom (10 Chairs Per Table)
210- Cushion For Chivari Chair (For Chiavari Chairs In Ballroom)
21- 72” Round Tables (For The Ballroom)
21- 72” Round Table Linen To The Ground (For Ballroom Tables)
205- Charger Plate - Gold (For Guest Tables)
220- Beverage Goblet (For Guest Tables)
700- 12.5 Oz. Beverage Glass (For Guest Tables And Bars)
220- Dinner Fork (For Dinner Tables)
220- Dinner Knives (For Dinner Tables)
220- Teaspoon (For Dinner Tables)
200- Dinner Napkins (For Guest Tables)

For Staging:
8- Wenger Carpeted (Gray) 3' X 6' - Indoor Only (Bride And Groom Stage)
Wenger Steps (For Bride And Groom Stage)
16" X 12' Black Stage Skirt (For Bride And Groom Stage)

For Kitchen and Staffing:
5- Electric Food Cabinet (Large)
12- Hot Boxes For Caterer
60- Full Sheet Pan (18" X 26")- For Hot Boxes
12- Trash Cans With Trash Can Bags- Industrial Grey
12- Clean Up Trays And Stands

There are two very very important things to point out when doing rentals. You should always rent a few items above your guest count just in case something arrives broken or damaged. Secondly its important to note that with any rental items everything must be returned. If the rental company is missing any items or anything is returned broken or damaged you will be charged a replacement fee per item and this can become very costly.

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