Friday, February 10, 2012

Furry Friends

If you have pet's in your life they can make great ring bearers, flowers girls or even the perfect best man! Here are a few Do's and Dont's for having them in your wedding.

Pet Do’s
1. Ask for permission to have pets, even in an outdoor venue, since there may be concerns for damage and cleanup. Always check to see if any fees will be involved. Some indoor venues charge an extra fee for dogs, but having it outside might save you money and time on the clean up.

2. Be sure to inform the rest of your wedding party and your guests that your wedding will include pets to avoid issues, such as allergies, fears and misconceptions.

3. Consider how your dog will react to the wedding. What we deem tasteful and beautiful, like a harpist, dove releases, candles, etc., or even large crowds and camera flashes might be a scary distraction or unsettling for your pet.

4. Designate someone (not in the bridal party) to watch your pet for the day. Have that person handle transportation to and from the wedding, sitting with your pet during the ceremony if necessary and making sure your pet is secure during the reception.

5. Be sure to keep plenty of water outside and scope out a cool, shady spot for your pet to relax before and after the ceremony.

Pet Dont's
1. Don’t let your dog loose on the guests if he or she isn’t well behaved. If you’re not confident in your dog’s ability to walk down the aisle and sit on command, use a leash and a human guide.

2. Petals and pooches don’t always mix. Don’t place flowers on your pet and be cautious around arrangements. Some may include wiring and even poisonous flowers, which may harm your pet.

3. Don’t forget to get your pet groomed before the wedding. Schedule an appointment 1-2 days in advance.

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