Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Floral Donations

All of our brides spend so much on decor, especially the flowers. At the end of the night, we all try and figure out what are we going to do with the flowers. Sometimes the guests can take them home, but other times, the arrangements are so large or heavy that it's impossible. After your wedding, instead of throwing out the floral arrangements away, we have some options for you.

1. Reuse them-Donate them to the hospital, Maternity ward, Pediatric hospitals or nursing home. Donating to any of these will surly brighten someone’s day. There is non-profit organization in New York Flower Power Foundation who can help you in donation of your flowers to hospitals and nursing homes.

2. Flowers and centerpieces can be donated to retirement homes or assisted living center. Visit Nursing Home Info or Assisted Living Info for more information.

3. Recycle them- There are organizations that recycle these flowers. Organization like Floral Notes, will take all the petals from your bouquet or centerpiece and press them with recycled paper and make them into thank you notes which you can use to send thank you letter to your guests.

4. Ask your florist if they can delivery them to your home the next day or better yet, your Sunday Farewell Brunch

5. There are some organizations like Blooms From The Heart. Their volunteers come to collect the flower arrangements after an event at pre-determined schedule. Then these volunteers recycle the flower arrangements and break larger arrangement to smaller arrangements. These arrangements are then delivered to local hospitals, senior care facilities, homeless shelter etc.

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