Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hotel Room Rates

This week we had an incident that the hotel was contracted for $169 and the rate dropped to $129... what can you do to secure the lowest rate.. read on:

1. Be as accurate as possible when shopping for hotel rooms.. if you think you are going to have only 10 rooms pick up, then get your block for 5 rooms for Thurs, 10 rooms for Fri and 10 rooms for Sat night.

2. Avoid Binding Contracts that make you pay for unused rooms (called Attrition)

3. Call a few hotels to compare prices and then tell the hotels what you are getting at other hotels.. see if they will match or beat the price.

4. Ask about welcome bag delivery policy as most brides what a welcome bag handed out to guests. Does the hotel charge for this? Can you avoid this charge somehow?

5. Get parking rates.. most major cities, parking is not free and sometimes upwards of $35/day. See if they will give you min 5 overnight parking passes

6. Ask to get into the contract a clause that says that if the room rates drop, you will received the new lower pricing.. your guests will be happy as well to know that now they are paying less.

We were very happy that our client did receive the lower $129 rate.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note! I had a wedding where the rates dropped but because the bride already locked in the rates the hotel was unwilling to lower the price. Needless to say, the bride, and the 100 + guests that were part of the wedding communicated their displeasure to at least one person they knew.

Sad that the hotel didn't realize the golden opportunity in their hands. They could've turned this into free marketing/value-added service.

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