Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hot Styles of Chairs

Chairs are an important element at a wedding or event that many couples will often overlook. Venues will sometimes only offer a certain type of chair, and if these do not go with your overall décor or clash with your color scheme, then they need to be rented from an outside company. You will need to factor in potential rental costs, chair covers, cushion pads, sashes, any additional decorations, and of course, delivery and pick up. This all adds up and can end up being very costly, so it is important to remember to budget for these as they really are an essential component of any event. While it is common to reuse the same chairs for a ceremony and a reception, it is becoming even more common to mix and match chairs of different styles for a more vintage look. This trend is certainly extremely popular at rustic, outdoor weddings and can definitely help you to save part of your budget for other things! Here are some of our favorite chairs of the season:

Chiavari Chairs

Ghost Chairs


Chameleon Chairs

Tufted Chairs

Mix and Match

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