Monday, February 3, 2014

Why Order Your Own Menu Cards?

Menu cards are essential for wedding receptions. Aside from the fact that they are brief summaries of what every guest will have the opportunity to eat they have the opportunity to be very decorative and unique. Some times the hotel where you are having your reception will be able to print menu cards for you. Although this may be an easy route to go, hotel menu cards are usually very generic. Another option would be for you and your fiancé to have your own menu cards printed. Here are a few reasons why we suggest for you to have your own menu cards made:

1. You can tie in the menu card design with the décor for your event.
2. You have the option to customize your very own menu cards from colors, quotes and even images.
3. You could personalize your menu cards with your names, your wedding date and location of your wedding.
4. You have the opportunity to create a unique style and design of your menu cards.
5. Creating your own menu cards gives an extra personal and intimate touch to your special day.

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