Monday, January 6, 2014

Appetizers to Serve at Cocktail Hour

The best part of any cocktail hour is being able to try a wide assortment of delicious food.  The majority of couples these days are opting for more interesting cocktail hour menus, mixing a combination of Indian with American appetizers. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of delicious Indian and American appetizers to serve at your cocktail hour. Here are some of our favorite mouth-watering options:

1.     Samosa Gujia
2.     Chicken Badami Kebab
3.     Bhel Puri in Martini Glasses
4.     Tandoori Mushroom
5.     Dry Paneer Tikka
6.     Sev Batata Puri
7.     Chilli Pakoda
8.     Papdi Chat in cup
9.     Surti Patice
10. Potato Kati Roll
11. Vegetable Kebab
12. Samosa with Chole
13. Achari Aloo Tikki
14. Paneer Kaliya
15. Alu Bonda
16. Spinach Pakora
17. Vegetable Shaslik
18. Bengali Peyajee
19. Gobi Pakora
20. Onion Kulcha


1.     Vegetable Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce
2.     Jalapeno Poppers with Cheddar Cheese
3.     Spanakopita
4.     Thai Chicken Sate
5.     Baby lamb Chops
6.     Spooned Atlantic Lobster with Caviar
7.     Goat Cheese and Fig on Sourdough Crostini
8.     Coconut Breaded Prawn with Spiced Papaya Dip
9.     Mini Vegetable Empanadas with Dipping Sauce
10. Pork & Beef Dumplings with Soy Sauce
11. Fried Macaroni & Cheese Balls
12. Mini Crab Cakes
13. Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu Balls
14. Fiesta Chicken Salad in Mini Filo Cups
15. Melon and Proscuitto Skewers
16. Smoked Salmon Canape
17. Shrimp Cocktail Shooter
18. Seared Blackened Ahi Tuna
19. Caprese Skewers
20. Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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