Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What to do for your Outdoor Event if it Rains

Outdoor events are very popular and can be very nice when you have a gorgeous setting. However, no matter how amazing your setting is, if it rains you need a backup plan. We tell all our brides that are having an outdoor event, whether it be ceremony, cocktails or reception, they must have a back up plan. Here are our suggestions that will help if rain comes to damper your event.
  • Have umbrellas available for your guests, especially if you are going to continue with the outdoor baraat.
  • Make all weather calls at least 2-3 days before your event so you are prepared and get any necessary items to adjust to the weather call.
  • Have some rain items on hold, such as a back up room if held at a venue that offers a back up space, or a tent on hold for those event spaces with no additional covered or indoor spaces to offer you. When putting a tent on hold remember to consider a tent for the actual space and a walkway tent from the drop off point into the tent, as well as side walls.
  • Space heaters may be needed if your event is in the fall. After rainfall it tends to get much cooler. If your event falls in the summer and it rains, you may want to consider fans or air conditions to break up the humidity, especially in the tents.


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