Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Ten celebrity Hairstyles we love

Hollywood beauties ... it’s a fact : we all like their movies, shows and music, and we all secretly desire to look like them. And moreover, we love their hairstyles !

Getting inspiration

for your wedding hairstyle is not an easy task ! And that’s why we truly know that we’ve made a selection of the most beautiful celebrity ha

irstyles for you ! We hope you will get some ideas for your wedding day !

Aishwarya Rai- Some beautiful light dark curls, this is Aiswarya’s hairstyle that we prefer!

Beyonce Knowles-Beyoncé’s hairstyle is dressed in perfectly defined waves

Kardashian- Kim's hairstyle is pinned up and off her face to expose her face and to give her hairstyle height.


elina Jolie- Angelina's effortlessly elegant hairstyle.

Eva Longoria-Parker- A soft and sexy upstyle for Eva

Nicole Richie - This pony has so much sexy volume—and works perfectly with Nicole's thick fringe.

Katharine McPhee- We loved this glossy, bouncy style—it's super-pretty without being too much.

Eva Longoria-Parker- Again, Eva always pulls off a great hairstyle into a glamorous style and heavy waves.

Keira Knightley- Because we don’t forget shorts hair, Keira is here to embodies the elegance.

Penelope Cruz- A beautiful one shoulder hairstyle exemple

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