Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Resolution: I Will Not Procrastinate

Happy New Year!!!

With every new year come new resolutions. One of the most common ones people make is to stop procrastinating with daily tasks. This can be very true especially if you are planning your wedding this year! We tell all of our brides to be very assertive when choosing vendors. You need to remember that if you keep searching for different options you will get more confused and delay your decision. The longer you take to decide on something chances are that when you go back the price might have gone up or the vendor is already booked. Remember that just like you are planning your wedding there are thousands of more brides out there doing the same. We also suggest that you keep the decision making between you and your fiancee, the more people that get involved the more opinions you will get. Just think that the faster you book all your vendors the more time you have to enjoy the time before the wedding.

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