Thursday, September 30, 2010

What is a Welcome Letter?

Welcome bags have become a major part of destination weddings but they can useful for your out-of-town guests as well.  The welcome letter is an essential component of the welcome bag.  Many of my brides have asked me to help them put together a welcome letter.  Have you ever wondered what goes into the welcome letter?   It can be a simple 1 page letter thanking your guests for being a part of your big day with information regarding events of wedding or it can be more elaborate like a booklet with information about the hotel, the area, in addition to the events of the wedding.   

Here’s what a detailed welcome letter would contain.

Page 1 - Cover Page
Page 2 – Note from Bride and Groom
Page 3 - Day 1 Itinerary
Page 4 - Day 2 Itinerary
Page 5 - Day 3 Itinerary
Page 6 – Information regarding the hotel amenities
Page 7 – Things to do in the area including shopping, restaurants, and places to see
Page 8 – Contact Information for Bride and Groom and a thank you

Here are a couple of examples of welcome bags.

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