Thursday, September 9, 2010

Popular Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers have become such an important aspect to weddings, more so now than in the past.   In ancient times, they believed strong smelling herbs/flowers would ward off evil spirits and bad luck. That’s how the tradition of walking down the aisle with a bouquet began.  Flowers, in the Victorian times, gained meanings behind them as they were given to convey a message. Today, flowers are incorporated into every event from the mehndi and sangeet, to the ceremony and reception.    So, I wanted to share with you the significance of some of the most popular wedding flowers used today.  I hope this helps when you’re deciding which flowers to use at your events.  

Apple Blossom – Better things to come
Camelia - Gratitude
Carnation – Fascination and love
Chrysanthemum (red) – I love you
Chrysanthemum (white) – Truth
Cyclamen – Modesty and shyness
Daffodil – Regard
Daisy – Innocence
Forget-me-not – True love and remembrance
Heliotrope – Devotion and faithfulness
Honeysuckle – Generosity
Hyacinth – Loveliness
Hydrangea – Boastfulness
Iris – Warmth of affection
Ivy – Eternal fidelity
Japonica – Loveliness
Jasmine - Amiability
Lilac (white) – Youthful innocence
Lily – Majesty
Lily-of-the-valley – Return of happiness
Magnolia – Perseverance
Maidenhair – Discretion
Marigold – Passion
Mimosa – Sensitivity
Orange Blossom – Purity and virginity
Peach Blossom – Captive
Rose (red) – Love
Rose (yellow) – friendship
Rose (coral) – Desire
Rose (peach) – Modesty
Rose (dark pink) – Thankfulness
Rose (pale pink) – Grace
Rose (orange) – Fascination
Rose (white) – Innocence
Rosemary – Remembrance
Sweet Pea – Delicate pleasures
Tulip – Love
Veronica – Fidelity
Violet – Faithfulness

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It is really amazing how flowers are such an important parts of wedding and we know so little about them...