Friday, September 5, 2014

Human Entertainment

Weddings have become such huge productions that its hard to come up with ideas that will surprise your guests. If you are looking to think out of the box and leave your guests in awe consider hiring one of the following entertainers: 

Human Red Carpet 
Imagine just guest being welcomed hollywood style with a long red carpet, the twist? When they get to the end they realize its actually the train of a dress and that there is a live person there to welcome and direct them to your festivities. 

Flaring Bartenders 

Your bar will always be one of the main focuses at your event as guests will spend a lot of time getting their drinks, so why not have the bartenders put on a show? Consider having your bartenders mixing cocktails for your guests while putting on a fire show. 

Aerial Bartenders 
This one is our favorite! To really leave your guests in awe consider having your bartenders serving cocktails from above! Weather it be a champaign greeting, or getting drinks for your guests on the dance floor Aerial Bartenders offer guests immediate service with a crazy spin.

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