Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Experience as an Intern at SJS Events

After 6 months of working in a wedding planning company, I’ve learned so much… 

I finally entered the professional world and my university lessons seemed very far away. I have surely made mistakes but at the same time I have learnt a lot. In the end, working here has made me grow up, think differently and open my mind to a world known but not quite understood. Now that I understand the rules better, I realize that wedding planning really is one of those laborious jobs but at the same time SO very interesting. 

I like to compare the wedding planner to a stage director. For me, the wedding is like a theatre play where the bride and groom to be, would be the key characters, and the vendors (photographers, cinematographers, DJs, lighting, decorators, makeup artists…) would be the team that work together to provide the actors with the perfect set. In the end, everyone works hard to pull off a successful play.

As the stage director, the wedding planner has the most stressful job, to control every little detail, so that everything is perfect on the day of the wedding. 

This experience has been invaluable. 

Written by Axelle Giraud

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