Monday, May 19, 2014

Bathroom Amenity Kits

Having an amenity basket in the restroom is a great way to be sure your big day won’t be ruined by any mishaps encountered by your guests. This way if there is a small emergency you’ll be ready to solve their problem. 

Expert tips and tricks:
  • Before purchasing you emergency kit, check the space available in your bathrooms at your venue.
  • Add a cute touch by personalizing the door of the bathroom with photos of the Bride and Groom.
  • Do not forget the little note on the basket that says the amenity is for your guests to use.

Here are some suggested items to include in your bathroom amenity kit:

- Eyedrops
- Bandaids in assorted sizes
- Lip Balm
- Tissues

- Dental Floss or Floss Picks
- Breath Mint

Beauty Products
- Nail File
- Clear Nailpolish
- Nail Clipper
- Lipstick
- Eye liner
- Mascara

Feminine Products and Hygiene
- Deodorant Spray
- Tampons
- Hand Sanitizer

- Hair Spray
- Hair Bands/Elastics
- Bobby Pins
- Comb

- Hand Lotion
- Small Sewing Kit with Small Scissors
- Safety Pins
- Tide-to-Go Pens
- Lint Roller

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