Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Floral List for your Indian Wedding

There are so many beautiful flower arrangements to choose from for your wedding! You want vibrant, creative arrangements that add a unique touch to your special occasion. Flowers for your mandap, garlands to exchange, and don’t forget flowers for your card box table! When planning our weddings, we get asked all the time for the flowers involved in a wedding. Over the years we have assembled a complete list of items to speak to your local florist with. Take a look at our assembled list!

    1 Groom Garland for Baraat

    2 Garlands (Bride and Groom) for ceremony

    Aisle Way Pieces

    Greeting Arch


    Mandap Furniture

    Fabric Stage Cover

    Fabric Cover for steps

    Rose Petals for Phera

    Sashes for Chairs

    Ganesh statue


  ◦   Flowers for brides hair

  ◦   Bridal Bouquet

    Small centerpieces for tables (nothing more than $15ea.)

    Place card table


    Bride and Groom Table

    Flowers for Cake

    Card Box

    Flowers for card box table


     ◦   Flowers for bathroom

  ◦   Bathroom amenity kit


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