Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Houston Wedding- Hilton of the Americas

We just finished an incredible Indian Wedding in Houston for Rachana and Vijay. We worked with the couple and their families for almost 8 months to plan this extravaganza weekend. It was so much work but at the same time so much fun. They partied until 4am! We could not be happier for this amazing couple and we are so honored to now be planning their 2nd reception in Miami in January!

Our friends at Hakim Sons put together this incredible highlight instant edit that was shows at the reception. Thank you to all our fabulous vendors: Arden, Debra, Ajoy, Vik, Erica, Delene (who did the best decor ever), and of course, our very own, Dj Amrit! I have to thank my wonderful staff: Anna, Judy, Neeti, Jay for always making me look so good and doing such a tremendous job!


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